Parris Todd Net Worth | Bio | Age | Ranking | Paddle

Parris Todd Net Worth | Bio | Age | Ranking | Paddle

After a flourishing tennis career, Parris Todd entered the pickleball in late 2021 and quickly rise through rankings. She currently holds over 85 tennis titles and then shifted to pickleball in pandemic. In 2022, she secured two Major League Pickleball championships and win more than 43 medals across the APP & PPA tours. She accomplished a remarkable triple crown at the 2023 US Open. Known for her aggressive style Parris Todd net worth is approximately $ 500k.

Although the figures are not exact but it can be estimated through her tournament winnings. She also owned a clothing brand, Waisted, USA, a sports and streetwear for young women. She also earns from sponsor, YouTube and pickleball lessons.

Parris has achieved a lot, and she’s becoming a big name in the sport. Her net worth is growing, and her transition to pickleball has been a cool journey.

Parris Todd Bio and Early Life

Name: Parris Todd

Father’s Name: Charles, Father

Mother’s Name: Angela Todd

Native City: Newport Seashore, California, United States.

Currently Resides: Fort Myers, FL

Sports Background: Tennis

Nationality: American

Born: 28th January 1999

Age: 25

Height: 5 ft. 9 inches (175.2 centimeters)

Turned Pro: 2021

Dominant Hand: Right-handed

Parris Todd Net Worth: Approximately $500K.


Parris Todd Paddle: SLK Halo Control XL – Signature Paddle

Current Ranking:

  • 5.962 DUPR Singles
  • 5.867 DUPR Doubles
  • #35 at PPA Singles
  • #24 PPA Women’s Doubles
  • #20 PPA Mixed Doubles

League Association: MLP, PPA and APP

Parris Todd Net Worth

When Parris Todd turned 5, she surprised her parents by asking for a tennis racket as a birthday gift, even though they knew nothing about tennis.

This unexpected request marked the beginning of Parris’ tennis journey, where her talent and love for the game flourished.

With dedicated training and countless hours on the court, she emerged as a top junior player by the age of ten and has since earned over 85 tennis titles.

During the pandemic, Parris found herself drawn to pickleball. Starting in the fall of 2021, she began playing pickleball and entered her first tournament in January 2022.

Parris Todd Pickleball Ranking and Career

Parris Todd Net Worth

Todd used to tease her grandparents for taking up pickleball, considering it an activity for older individuals. However, being surrounded by the pickleball scene at TTC in Newport Beach while playing tennis made her curious. She eventually decided to give it a try.

Her first singles tournament was the PPA Foot Solutions in February, where she surprised herself by defeating some top women’s singles players and securing a 4th overall position.

Coming from a tennis background helped her a lot in pickleball, especially in terms of court movement, hand-eye coordination, and overall game patterns.

However, pickleball involves softer elements, like delicate dinks and drops, requiring gentler hands compared to the intensity of tennis.

Facing off against competitors such as Simone Jardim, Lucy Kovalova, and Ben Johns, Todd has achieved success not only on the court but also in securing sponsorships and endorsements.

She quickly rose to prominence in the sport, claiming the title of 2-time Major League Pickleball champion in 2022 with Team BLQK and amassing an impressive collection of over 43 medals across the APP & PPA tours. Additionally, she added a triple crown victory at the 2023 US Open to her list of accomplishments.

Her current pickleball ranking:

  • 962 DUPR Singles
  • 867 DUPR Doubles
  • #35 at PPA Singles
  • #24 PPA Women’s Doubles
  • #20 PPA Mixed Doubles

Beside her young age she is not the youngest pickleball professional player its Anna Leigh Waters. Read more about her.

Parris Todd Pickleball Paddle

Parris Todd Net Worth

Parris Todd use Signature SLK Halo Control XL pickleball paddle on the court, it is an elongated control oriented paddle.

Parris Todd Net Worth

She also has Parris Todd Signature Collection Ponytail Pickleball Hat by Selkirk sports. Avatar

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