Lucy Kovalova Net Worth | Age | Relationship |Paddle

Lucy Kovalova Net Worth | Age | Relationship |Paddle

Lucy Kovalova is a Slovakian professional pickleball player who is one of the best women’s professional pickleball players in the game. She started playing pickleball around 2015 and almost immediately excelled in her new sport, by becoming a top player. Lucy Kovalova net worth has exceeded approximately $1.5 million and continues to grow. This substantial sum encompasses not only tournament prizes but also lucrative sponsorships and income generated from her tennis and pickleball coaching endeavors.

Throughout Kovalova’s time competing, she has won approximately $106,500 and counting in prize money. She also makes money from gear sponsorships, as they are usually higher than the tournament prizes.

Lucy Kovalova Bio and Early Life

Name: Lucy Kovalova

Orignal Solvakian Name: Lucia

Father’s Name: Frantisek

Mother’s Name: Elena

Native City: Presov, Slovakia

Born: April 05, 1992

Height: 5 ft 11 inches (156 cm)

Weight:59 kg (130 lb)

Turned Pro: 2016

Plays: Right-handed

Siblings: Marcel (brother) and Zuzana (sister)

Education: MBA/BBA (Wichita State University)

Net Worth: Approximately $1.5 million

DUPR Rating: 5.67

Lucy Kovalova Net Worth

Lucy Kovalova was born in Slovakia on April 05, 1992. She started playing tennis when she was very young. She later came to the United States to play collegiate tennis for Wichita State, where she played #1 in doubles for four years.

She began her professional sports journey with the Junior National tennis team of Slovakia. She then came to the United States to play tennis for Wichita State, where she was #1 in doubles for the Shockers for her entire four years.

Lucy switched to pickleball in 2015 at her work’s country club and quickly became a top player, winning many championships.

Lucy Kovalova Career and Achievements

Becoming a top player, Kovalova has nine medals from the US Open, two Tournament of Champions titles, and four USA National Championships.

In November 2018, Lucy Kovalova did an amazing job at the USA Pickleball National Championships in Indian Wells, CA. She won the top prize in three categories: Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles, earning gold medals in all of them.

Lucy Kovalova Net Worth

By the end of 2021, Lucy Kovalova was the best in Mixed Doubles and the second best in Women’s Doubles on the PPA Tour. She also won three big championships: the USA Pickleball National Championships, where she got the Triple Crown, and she recently won a gold medal in women’s doubles pro at the Indoor National Championships.

Right now, she’s tied for the top spot in Women’s doubles with her partner, Simone Jardim. In mixed doubles, she ranks number two. She has won approximately $106,500 and counting throughout her time competing.

Lucy Kovalova Personal Life and Relationship Status

Lucy Kovalova isn’t married, but she hangs out a lot with her long time on-court and off-court mixed double partner, Matt Wright.

Lucy Kovalova Net Worth

Who is very skilled, and professional pickleball player too, and they win many tournaments together.

Lucy Kovalova Paddle

Lucy Kovalova uses the ONIX Evoke Mayhem Composite Paddle and ONIX Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle which was co-designed by Lucy and mix double partner, Matt Wright.

Lucy Kovalova Net Worth

This paddle is known for producing a lot of power and spin while still maintaining control.

Lucy is also ONIX’s ambassador on the court.

Outside of her pickleball games, Lucy Kovalova has a different side to her. She loves shopping, watching TV shows, and hanging out with friends.

Despite being a fierce pickleball player, she’s very girly and into fashion and celebrity gossip. In her regular job at a country club in Wichita, Kansas, she teaches pickleball and tennis, you can check her website and schedule your pickleball lesson.

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