Pickleball Unifies: MLP and PPA Forge a Powerhouse Circuit

Pickleball Unifies: MLP and PPA Forge a Powerhouse Circuit

In a landmark move for the sport, Major League Pickleball (MLP) and the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour have announced their official merger. This historic union paves the way for a unified professional pickleball circuit in the United States, boasting a dynamic schedule of 34 combined and standalone events across the nation in 2024.

A New Era for Pickleball

The merger marks a turning point in the evolution of professional pickleball. Both MLP and PPA have played crucial roles in the sport’s rapid growth, each offering distinct formats and attracting a diverse fan base. MLP, with its team-based league and focus on co-ed play, has garnered popularity for its exciting and dynamic matches. The PPA, a traditional bracket-style tour, has established itself as the proving ground for individual pickleball champions.

Combining the strengths of both organizations creates a powerhouse circuit that caters to all aspects of the sport. Fans can now enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of team-based matches while still witnessing the individual brilliance of top-ranked pro players. This comprehensive schedule ensures high-quality pickleball action throughout the year, providing fans with a consistent and engaging experience.

A Brighter Future for Players

The merger also holds significant benefits for professional pickleball players. The combined tour offers a more robust and lucrative playing field, with increased prize money, guaranteed contracts, and a wider range of tournament opportunities. This enhanced structure will further professionalize the sport and attract even more talented athletes to compete at the highest level.

Strengthening the Pickleball Community

By uniting under one umbrella, MLP and PPA can present a stronger and more unified voice for the sport. This collaboration will allow them to leverage their combined resources to promote pickleball on a national level, attract sponsorships and media coverage, and ultimately grow the sport’s reach and popularity.

Who are MLP and PPA?

Major League Pickleball (MLP): Founded in 2013, MLP is a team-based league featuring co-ed play and a unique format with a focus on fan engagement.

Professional Pickleball Association (PPA): Established in 2018, the PPA Tour is a traditional bracket-style tour that determines the top individual pickleball players in the world.

This historic merger marks a new chapter in the history of professional pickleball. With a unified circuit and a shared commitment to the sport’s growth, MLP and PPA are poised to propel pickleball to even greater heights in the years to come.

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