Prince Response Pro Review 2023

Prince Response Pro Review 2023

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Welcome to detailed Prince Response Pro Review, a signature paddle that has redefined the standards in the racquet sports industry.

Designed with player feedback in mind, this paddle is a fusion of style, power, and precision, boasting an innovative shape and a broad face that provides the largest possible usable space for pickleball players.

Paddle selection in pickleball is not to be taken lightly. The Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle, with its slim edge guard and thick polymer core, offers a performance that feels consistent, setting a high standard for other pickleball paddles.

The revolutionary design enhances the sweet spot size, reduces disruptive vibrations, and imparts more energy into the ball, making it a game-changer in the world of pickleball.

Prince Response Pro At First Look:

The paddle graphic features a visually appealing Prince “P” and zigzag pattern, available in 6 colors – Camo green, Seafoam, Red, Simone Jardim Pink, Simone Jardim Black and Simone Jardim Blue.

Response Pro Shape & Handle:

Prince Response Pro Review

The Response Pro Paddle’s unique rounded shape and 8.25″ wide paddle width. The handle length is 5.5″ with the extended reach, facilitate both one-handed and two-handed backhand shots to cover the court. The handle length is designed to accommodate every player.

Response Pro Paddle Core:

One of the standout features of the Prince Response Pro is its 9/16” extra thick honeycomb core that disperses impact energy for a more even response over a larger area of the paddle surface.

This is particularly useful for enhancing your shot accuracy like playing dinks and cross-court drop shots. Playing around the kitchen becomes effortless when you combine it with the exceptional spin characteristics.

The progressive core technology is another groundbreaking feature that complements every shot and play style. Whether you prefer playing powerful shots or gentle drops, the Prince Response Pro is designed to accentuate your power and provide a smooth playing experience.

Prince Response Grip and Paddle Length:

Prince Response Pro Review

The grip size options (standard grip 4 3/8″and thin grip 4 1/8″) ensure a firm grip for every play style and also making it the best pickleball for small hands and womens.

The paddle length (15 ¾”) provides an extended reach, making it easier to hit shots that are farther away.

prince response pro review

With the paddle length perfectly balanced to give a huge sweet spot, the prince response allows for both soft touch shots and those that require more power.

Response Pro Weight:

Paddle weight is a crucial aspect influencing a player’s performance, and with the Prince Response Pro, you can choose from several weights. The standard weight and light weight models suit playing styles ranging from control-focused to power-hungry.

Response Pro Sweet Spot:

Prince Response Pro Review

The sweet spot on the Response Pro Paddle is exceptionally large, thanks to its innovative rounded shape and the use of advanced materials in the paddle surface.

This minimizes dead spots and ensures that the performance feels consistent, whether your shots hit the side neck or the tip.

Simone Jardim, a four-time gold medalist and triple crown winner at the open pro women’s doubles and mixed doubles at 2018 US open, has given her seal of approval to this great paddle.

The Prince Pro Simone Jardim, available in three styles – Simone Jardim Pink, Simone Jardim Blue, and Simone Jardim Black – is testament to the credibility and reputation of the Prince Response Pro.

Prince Response Pro Review

Our Prince response pro review aims to explore every feature of the Prince Response Pro, from the paddle face to the weight range, providing player testers’ perspectives, evaluating the performance in various scenarios including women’s singles, mixed doubles, and testing how it delivers under pressure.

Whether you’re looking to increase or decrease quantity, our review will guide you in selecting your new paddle. So, if you’re in search of a high-performing paddle that combines style, control, and power, Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle is a great choice.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 7.7 8.3 oz.
  • Paddle Face Material: Fiberglass.
  • Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb.
  • Length: 15 3/4″.
  • Width: 8 1/4″.
  • Grip Size: Thin – 4 1/8″.
  • Grip Size: Standard – 4 3/8″.
  • Grip Length: Long – 5 1/2″.
  • Core Thickness: 14.2875.
  • Prince offers 1 year core and dead spots warranty.
  • USAPA Approved.


  • Great spin and controlled paddle.
  • Big sweet spot with round shape.
  • Incredible soft feel.
  • Comes in 2 grip sizes.


  • Too light for some people.
  • Lack of Power.
  • Expensive.

Prince Response vs Response Pro Paddle:

Prince response is lighter than response pro weighing an average weight of 7.3 oz. Whereas, the Prince Response Pro comes in two differnt weight range. The Response pro paddle face has a UV coating. Prince response pro is more expensive and comes in 5 different colors.

Prince Quantum Pro vs Response Pro:

Prince quantum pro stretches to an extra length of 16-3/8 inches. The Handle of Quantum Pro is also 6″ which makes it perfect for double handed backhand shots. it comes in two grip sizes thin grip and perforated cushion grip.

prince response pro review

Who are Prince Pickleball?

Prince Pickleball is a prominent brand that is revolutionizing the world of pickleball by changing the shape of the game. With a rich heritage spanning over 50 years in the racquet sports industry, Prince has been at the forefront of innovation, consistently introducing cutting-edge technology for squash and tennis.

The journey of innovation began with Prince’s groundbreaking invention of the first patented oversize racket, which boasted a larger sweet spot than ever before.

Building on this legacy, Prince has remained a pioneering force in the realm of racket sports. In 2018, Prince joined forces with Paddletek to launch the Prince pickleball line, combining Paddletek’s expertise in paddle design excellence with Prince’s engineering experience in racquet sports.

Prince’s line of pickleball paddles sets new standards by leveraging innovative technology to provide players with an incredibly large sweet spot. These paddles feature a unique rounded face shape, offering unparalleled control and power to players.

Additionally, Prince’s commitment to quality is evident in their polymer cores, which are backed by a 1-year guarantee against dead spots, ensuring durability and consistent performance on the court.

The excellence of Prince pickleball paddles has garnered praise from top players in the sport, with the likes of Simone Jardim, a renowned player ranked at the top, achieving tremendous success using her Prince Response Pro paddle.

Notably, she utilized this paddle in 2018 US Open in Naples, FL to secure a Triple Crown and won four gold medals in open pro women’s doubles mixed, pro women’s doubles, and women’s singles titles.

Prince Response Pro Review

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, Prince pickleball paddles are engineered and manufactured in the United States. By combining their expertise in racquet sports engineering with the demands of pickleball, Prince continues to reshape the sport and provide players with the tools they need to excel on the court.


In conclusion Prince response pro is a great paddle with large sweet spot making it best in the kitchen with great spin and control but prince response pro is a light weight paddle which means lack in power. But overall prince response pro is great paddle model, comes in 5 differnt colors and two different grip size making it perfect for every one. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner prince response pro is the best pickleball paddle and a great choice.


Is Prince Response Pro very popular?

The Prince Response Pro’s popularity is primarily due to its revolutionary shape the large sweet spot, the progressive core technology that caters to various play styles, and its versatility with options for light or standard weights to accommodate players’ preferences.

Does prince response pro comes in a Gaurantee?

Yes, response pro comes with one year warranty gaurantee for dead spots.

What Pickleball Paddle do Simone Jardim use?

Simone Jardim used Prince respronse pro and wins 4 gold medals. But currently she is using JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 14 Swift Pickleball Paddle as her contract with Prince has ended.Prince Response Pro Review Avatar

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