Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth | Age | Salary | Family

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth | Age | Salary | Family

Anna Leigh Waters is an American professional pickleball player and also the youngest professional pickleball player in the history at the age of 12. Not only that she also become the youngest tournament champion in the same year. Because of her amazing talents and achievements, she has been very successful both in terms of money and career. This has led to Anna Leigh Waters net worth of around $1.5 million.

Let’s Explore how she discovered pickleball and how she become no 1 player in the world at such young age.

Anna Leigh Waters Bio

Name: – Anna Leigh Waters

Age: – 16

Father’s Name: – Stephen Waters

Mother’s Name: – Leigh Waters

Resides: – Boynton Beach, FL

Born: – January 26, 2007(16 years at the time this article is written)

Height: – 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm)

Turned Pro: – 2019

Medals: – 20 triple crowns, 6 US OPEN gold medals, 9 USAPA National gold medals

Play: – Right-handed

Net Worth: – Approximately $1.5 million

Instagram: – @a.l.waters_a1

Facebook: –

Twitter: –

Paddle: – Paddletek Bantam TS-5

Her Sponsors: – Paddletek, Caravan, LOCK LACES®, FILA, Studio Margaret, Dynasty Financial Partners

Current Partner: – Jack Sock (PPA North Carolina Open Mixed Doubles)

Titles Won: – 6 U.S. Open Gold Medals, 4 PPA Triple Crowns, 6 USAPA Nationals Gold Medals

Known for: – “Banging and Ripping”

Born on January 26, 2007, Anna Leigh Waters grew up in Delray Beach, Florida, and during Hurricane Irma in 2017, her family sought refuge with her grandparents in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It was there that she and her mother took up pickleball. Waters quickly excelled in the sport and participated in her first tournament in Dallas, Texas, at the age of 11. By the time she turned 12 in 2019, she had become the youngest professional pickleball player ever.

Beyond the Trophies:

Homeschooling allows Anna Leigh to balance her training with a love for cooking, fashion, and family.

Her quiet moments reveal a down-to-earth teenager who still finds joy in a friendly volley with her mom.

Anna Leigh Waters Career

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna leight Waters has since achieved success in various pickleball categories, including doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. Her mother, Leigh Waters, a former NCAA Division I tennis player, serves as both her doubles partner and coach, making them the only mother-daughter team in professional pickleball.

In 2021, Waters secured the doubles national championship at the Orlando Cup and claimed gold in singles at several events, including the Newport Beach Showcase, Orlando Cup, Texas Open, and Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championship.

She also earned a bronze medal in singles at the 2021 U.S. Open and silver in doubles, along with bronze in mixed doubles, at the 2021 Acrytech Atlanta Open. Known for her aggressive playing style marked by strength and speed, Waters has gained recognition in the pickleball community.

In a historic moment in 2022, Waters and her mother participated in the first nationally televised pickleball match on CBS Sports, defeating Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith at the Skechers Invitational Summer Championship at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles.

Adding to her achievements, in May 2023, Waters won the PPA North Carolina Open mixed doubles title, partnering with former world No. 8 tennis player Jack Sock, who made his professional pickleball debut.

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

As with many young athletes, Anna Leigh’s exact net worth remains under wraps. However, estimates place it somewhere between $1.5 million. Her primary income sources include:

Tournament winnings: Pickleball offers significant prize money at major tournaments, and with Anna Leigh’s consistent victories, these contribute substantially to her earnings.

Sponsorships: Major brands like Paddletek, Selkirk, HEAD, and Hypr have recognized Anna Leigh’s potential and invested in her career through lucrative sponsorship deals.

Appearances and Endorsements: Her growing fame attracts invitations to events and opportunities for brand endorsements, further adding to her revenue streams.

Anna Leigh Waters Partner

Anna Leigh Waters’ doubles and mixed doubles partnerships have been a fascinating journey of evolution and adaptation, reflecting her own growth and development as a player. Here’s a breakdown of her notable partners and victories:

In Doubles:

Early Years (2017-2019): Partnered primarily with her mother, Leigh Waters, forging a strong foundation with their synchronized movements and strategic understanding. They won multiple Junior Pickleball Championships and secured several professional tournament victories.

Rise to the Top (2020-2023): Formed a dominant partnership with Anna Bright, another top pickleball player. Their aggressive style and complementary skillsets earned them numerous titles, including:

  • 3x PPA National Champion (2023)
  • 2x PPA Texas Open Champion (2023)
  • Gold Medals at the APP Texas Open and US Open

Recent Experiments (2023-Present): In late 2023, Anna Leigh started exploring partnerships with other top players like Catherine Parenteau, showcasing her adaptability and flexibility on the court.

In Mixed Doubles:

Early Domination with Ben Johns (2020-2022): Forged a powerful partnership with Ben Johns, the #1 ranked male player. They became nearly unbeatable, winning numerous tournaments, including:

  • PPA North Carolina Open (2022)
  • PPA Texas Open (2022)

Diverse Partnerships After 2022: Has experimented with various partners like Tyson McGuffin, Collin Johns, and Riley Newman, demonstrating her ability to adjust her style and tactics to complement different playing strengths.

Anna Leigh has enjoyed immense success with:

  • Mother, Leigh Waters: Laid the foundation for her doubles skills and early victories.
  • Anna Bright: Current dominant partnership, responsible for recent major titles.
  • Ben Johns: Former mixed doubles powerhouse, achieving numerous tournament wins.

It’s clear that Anna Leigh is adept at building successful partnerships, showcasing her versatility and tactical prowess. As she continues to evolve and explore new collaborations, the pickleball world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her partnership history.

Anna Leigh Waters Family

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters may be young, but she’s surrounded by a strong support system, playing a key role in her pickleball success. Her parents, Leigh and Brian Waters, are integral figures in her journey, each contributing in unique ways.

Leigh Waters:

Anna Leigh’s mother and coach, Leigh, is a former NCAA tennis player, having competed for the University of South Carolina. This strong athletic background translates into valuable coaching expertise for Anna Leigh.

Leigh acts as Anna Leigh’s doubles partner in professional tournaments, forming a formidable team known for their strategic play and synchronized movements.

Beyond coaching and playing, Leigh provides unwavering support and guidance as Anna Leigh navigates the demands of professional pickleball.

Leigh Waters Husband Brian Waters:

While less visible publicly, Brian Waters is a crucial part of Anna Leigh’s support system. He offers emotional support and encouragement, celebrating her victories and providing guidance throughout her career.

As a former golfer, Brian may offer insights into mental focus and strategic discipline, transferable skills beneficial for any athlete.

Anna Leigh’s parents offer a diverse support system:

Leigh’s athletic background and coaching expertise directly contribute to Anna Leigh’s on-court skills and tactical development.

Brian’s emotional support and guidance ensure Anna Leigh’s well-being and provide a vital balance for her demanding career.

Together, they create a nurturing environment where Anna Leigh can thrive and pursue her pickleball dreams.

While information about their daily lives outside of Anna Leigh’s pickleball career is relatively private, it’s evident that they dedicate themselves to supporting their daughter’s passion and contributing to her remarkable success.

It’s important to note that Anna Leigh also receives support from her grandmother, Neil Eichelberger, who played baseball professionally, and other extended family members. This broader support network further reinforces the importance of community and shared passion in Anna Leigh’s journey.

What Pickleball Paddle Does Anna Leigh Waters Use?

Anna Leigh Waters go to paddle on the court is Paddletek Bantam TS-5 sponsored by Paddletk. All this time she is missing her own signature paddle but now Anna Leigh pickleball has her own signature paddle called the Bantan ALW-C which comes in two different core sizes.

Anna Leigh Waters isn’t just a pickleball queen. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who dares to dream big and rewrite the rules, proving that age is just a number on the way to becoming a legend. From a hurricane-stricken backyard to the top of the pickleball world, Anna Leigh Waters is blazing a trail, one volley at a time. Avatar

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