Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

Welcome pickleball lovers, the 6 0 just release a new paddle the Six Zero Ruby on 26th of Dec 2023. And maybe it’s one of the best pickleball paddle of 2023. So let’s explore and see what makes this paddle so special.

The Six Zero Ruby cost $199 and you can get 10 percent off with promo code.

The 6 0 Ruby has the same shape as the iconic 6 0 Double Black Diamond which is a hybrid shape paddle with a rounded top.

The dimensions of the Six Zero Ruby are (16.3 x 7.7 in) which strikes a perfect balance of swing weight sweet spot power and pop.

The swing weight of the 6 0 ruby is 117 which is good in term of maneuverability. At this swing weight the ruby feels like Ronbus R1.16, Ronbus R3 Pulsar, Volair Mach 1 Forza, Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy S. Of course we will talk more about the impact of this swing weight when we will examine the performance of this paddle.

This twist weight of Ruby is 6.81, for those who don’t know the twist weight is correlated with the sweet spot. The 6 0 Ruby has a slightly larger sweet spot than the original 6 0 DBD.

Material and Design

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

The Six Zero Ruby Paddle captures attention from the first glance with its full Kevlar face adorned in a captivating red weave pattern and complemented by a striking white edge guard. From look its one the best looking paddle we have recently seen in the market.

Let’s talk about the technology and material used in 6 0 Ruby. The 6 0 Ruby is the first paddle which has a full Kevlar face.

There are very few paddles which uses Kevlar in the paddles one of which is Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy. But something that makes the Ruby different from pricklaball apes pro line is the use of 100 Kevlar material. Whereas the pro line energy is using hybrid Kevlar mix with the carbon fiber.

As we all know the Kevlar is a very impact resistant and durable material which is used in bullet proofing and is also better than shock absorber than carbon fiber which makes Ruby one of the best paddle for people suffering from tennis elbow or arthritis.

The Kevlar used in Ruby is of the finest quality the DuPont Kevlar. The DuPont is an American company and one of best Kevlar producer in the market. The Six Zero has been working on this paddle since Feb 2023 which is good time to create one of the finest paddle in the market.

But the question here is

  • How Kevlar face Ruby is better than the paddles in the market?
  • How it will impact the performance of this paddle?
  • Is Six Zero Ruby better than the iconic Double Black Diamond?

As 2023 ended we have noticed that the Kevlar material is getting popular in the construction of paddles. And we will be having more paddles with Kevlar face in 2024. Let see about it.

The Six Zero Ruby is built using the thermoformed technology but is different than the recent ones. If you want to know about that I suggest you to watch the Ruby review by Johnkew Pickleball who is one of the best paddle reviewer, I have known.

Technical Specification of the Six Zero Ruby

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

  • Weight: 8.2 oz
  • Swingweight: 117
  • Twistweight: 6.81
  • Dimension: 16.3″ x 7.7″
  • Paddle Face: Raw Kevlar
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Handle Length: 5.5″
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb, Foam Walls
  • Warranty: 6 Months for core crushing and 12 months for defects

Six Zero Ruby Performance on the Court

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

Let’s navigate the landscape of spin, control, and power, exploring how the Six Zero Ruby Paddle stands out in comparison to the original Double Black Diamond and some of the other best paddles in the market.

Power and Pop

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

The 6 0 Ruby is more powerful than the original double black diamond. The average serve speed is 55.8 mile which is significantly higher. Which means the Kevlar face gives a lot of power with full swing. Also the Ruby has the higher swing weight and twist weight than the original DBD which also contribute to more power.

The pop on the Ruby is less or more like a Double Black Diamond in certain ways. When defending drives and resetting on the kitchen the Ruby feel less poppier so when you are playing dinks, drops and punch volleys the ruby feel less poppier.

On the other hand, it gives more power with full swings while playing serves or single and is better than  the double black diamond.

Control and Feel

The Ruby is really different from the previous thermoformed paddles. It had more power with muted response at the kitchen, which is same like the HUDEF Viva Pro gen 2, Crbn 1x and Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy. But the hybrid shape of Ruby makes more maneuverable with low swing weight.

It plays like a power paddle at the baseline and a control paddle at the kitchen with trade off of less pop that you can have with more poppy paddle like Gearbox Pro Power.

The Ruby is feel soft and plushy which also help with the spin and control which basically from a Kevlar face. The Ruby is plushier that the original Double Black Diamond. But if you compare it with Pro Line Energy S, it is less plushy.


Another thing which makes Ruby a control paddle is spin. The ruby has a spin rating of 2271 Rpm which puts it in top tier spin category which is better than the DBD with 2019 Rpm and also better than Pro Line Energy S. It feel like the ball grabs the ball with the Kevlar face which gives it more dwell time. The texture on the paddle face grit is peel ply which is very rough. The 6 0 said that the peel ply grit is long lasting. They use coarser peel ply design rather than the legacy style texture. The rough surface provides better swing and help in control game.

Sweet Spot and Forgiveness

The sweet spot on the Ruby is very generous and even larger than original DBD.  The sweet spot is wider than other elongated paddle which help is control game. The Ruby is also more stable than the DBD so the it really come to your personal preference of choosing one on another.

Final thoughts on the Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review

The Six Zero Ruby strikes a perfect balance between control, power and spin and you can say it is one of the best all court paddle also the Ruby is one of the best control paddle in the market. The ruby is more powerful than the original double black diamond with less pop and muted feel. But not so dramatically powerful or different.

The Kevlar face really gives more power than carbon fiber face with good spin but some player might take some time to adjust to it. Price point ruby is really better than so many paddles available in the market right now. My recommendation is here that if you are already happy with the original double black diamond then ruby might not be for you. As it requires sometime to break in. Avatar

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