The 6 Best Power Pickleball Paddle in 2023

The 6 Best Power Pickleball Paddle in 2023

Welcome to the world of pickleball! If you’re looking to up your game and have more power on the court, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best power pickleball paddles available.

These paddles are specially designed to give you that extra oomph in your shots, making it easier to hit the ball with force and precision. Finding the perfect paddle can significantly improve your performance, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player.

Let’s explore the best pickleball paddles for power to help you take your pickleball skills to the next level!

But first let’s try to understand what is power paddle but if you are in hurry!

Our top pick for the best power paddles are:

  • Best Overall: Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta
  • Best Runner up Graphite Power Paddle: JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16
  • Best Composite Power Paddle: Onix Evoke Premiere
  • Best Carbon Fiber Power Paddle: ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro
  • Best Elongated Power Paddle: Gearbox CX11E Pickleball Paddle
  • Best Lightweight Power Paddle: Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pro Paddle

What is a Power Pickleball Paddle?

A power pickleball paddle is a type of paddle designed to enhance the player’s ability to generate force and speed behind their shots. These paddles are specifically crafted to offer a larger sweet spot and a stiffer surface, allowing players to hit the ball with more power and control.

The primary goal of a power pickleball paddle is to increase the energy transfer from the paddle to the ball, resulting in more potent shots that can be challenging for opponents to return. Players who prefer a power-oriented style of play, where they rely on aggressive shots and strategic placement, often choose these paddles.

It’s important to note that power paddles may not be ideal for everyone, as they can require more strength and control to handle effectively. Some players may prefer paddles with a balance of power and control, depending on their individual playing style and skill level.

Overall, a power pickleball paddle is a valuable tool for players seeking to add more force to their shots and improve their overall performance on the pickleball court.

What are the Features of Power Paddles?

Let further explore features of best pickleball paddles for power selkirk sports but before that this piece of information is a knowledge from a reowned brand in the world of pickleball.

Thinner Core: Power paddles typically have a core thickness of around 13mm or less. This thinner core allows for less ball absorption, enabling you to generate more power in your shots.

Heavier Weight: In the world of physics, more weight means more power. A heavier paddle increases the force (power) with which you can hit the ball, making your shots harder and more consistent. It also provides better control, especially for players transitioning from tennis.

Longer Total Length: The length of a paddle plays a crucial role in power generation. By increasing the distance between your hand grip and the point of contact with the ball, longer paddles allow you to generate more force.

What are the Advantages of Thick Core?

A thicker core, typically found in control paddles, increases the ball’s contact time with the paddle surface, providing better control and precision in your shots. However, it reduces the speed at which the ball leaves the paddle.

What are the Advantages of Thin Core?

A thin core, commonly found in power paddles, decreases the ball’s contact time with the paddle surface, allowing you to generate more power behind your shots.

Unleashing the Power:

To hit the ball harder, remember the formula:

Force = Mass x Acceleration.

Increasing the weight (mass) of your paddle will result in greater power, giving you the ability to send the ball flying with force.

Does Length Matters?

By increasing the total length of your paddle, either through an elongated face or a longer handle, you can amplify your power potential. Think of it like a sledgehammer versus a handheld hammer – the greater the distance from your hands to the point of contact, the more force you can generate.

How to Find Your Perfect Power Pickleball Paddle?

The ideal weight and length of your power paddle depend on your playing style and personal preference. Opt for a mid-weight or light-weight paddle and experiment with adding lead tape to customize the feel and power to suit your game.

Hope you have a better knowledge of what are power paddles!

Let’s check out one by one the best pickleball paddles for power

Best Overall Midweight Power Paddle: Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle


  • Midweight Range: 7.7 – 8.1 oz.
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4″
  • Grip: Selkirk Geo Grip
  • Handle Length: 5 1/4″
  • Paddle Length: 16 1/2″
  • Paddle Width: 7.375″
  • Face: Blend of Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber
  • Core : Polymer Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 0.5”
  • Edge Guard: Edgeless DuraEdge

Product Review:

The Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta is the ultimate paddle designed to give you the power and spin you need to dominate the court. Developed in collaboration with top pickleball pros, this paddle is perfect for players who love to hit aggressive shots and control the game.

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta is specially crafted for power players who want to hit powerful and spin-filled shots. With this paddle, you can easily control the ball and make it difficult for your opponents to return your shots. The larger sweet spot allows for more forgiving shots, making it easier to connect with the ball and achieve consistent performance.

One of the most remarkable features of the Power Air Invikta is its relentless power, combined with a surprising amount of control. It’s a great choice for players who want to add force to their shots without sacrificing accuracy. You can hit hard and still maintain control over your shots, giving you the edge on the court.

Whether you’re playing singles or coming from a tennis background, the Power Air Invikta is an ideal paddle for you. It allows you to generate maximum power and spin, making it a versatile and effective tool for different styles of play.

Selkirk’s Power Air technology is the secret behind the paddle’s exceptional performance. Let’s break down the key technologies that make this paddle stand out:

Air Dynamic Throat: This technology ensures quicker swing speed, optimal air flow, and improved ball control.

ThroatFlex: The open throat design provides maximum flex upon ball contact, leading to more power and consistent play.

ProSpin+ NextGen Texture: Designed to generate unparalleled spin, this technology allows you to shape and control the ball effortlessly.

QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face: With a unique blend of Fiberflex and Quantum+ carbon, this face delivers effortless power and control.

360° Proto Molding: Engineered to provide ultimate power and a consistent sweet spot through high-pressure manufacturing.

Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology: Improves durability and aerodynamics for reliable edge performance.

FlexFoam Perimeter: Adds power, durability, and enlarges the sweet spot while absorbing vibrations for a stable feel.

SuperCore Polymer Honeycomb Core: The groundbreaking honeycomb core ensures both power and ball control.

Overall, If you want to elevate your pickleball game with a paddle that offers unmatched power and spin, look no further than the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta. With its innovative technologies and player-focused design, this paddle will empower you to take charge of the court and dominate your opponents.


  • Great Power
  • Excellent Spin
  • Aero dynamin shape
  • USAPA Approved
  • Invitka Shape: Increased length


  • Very expensive
  • Less Control

Best Runner Up Graphite Power Paddle: JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight Average: 8.4 ounces
  • Weight Range: 8.2 – 8.6 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4″ (Medium)
  • Handle Length: 5.5″
  • Paddle Length: 16.5″
  • Paddle Width: 7.5″
  • Paddle Face: Carbon Friction Surface
  • Core Material: Reactive Polymer Core
  • Core Thickness: 16mm (0.63″)
  • Edge Guard: 1/4″ overlapping paddle face

Product Review:

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Paddle designed in collaboration with the world’s number one pickleball player, Ben Johns, this paddle is built to perform at the highest levels in all categories. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate pickleball enthusiast, the Hyperion CFS 16 will take your game to new heights. Best of all, it’s USAPA-approved, so you can use it in official tournament play.

The Carbon Friction Surface (CFS) technology included in the Hyperion CFS 16 creates a surface that is more sophisticated, resilient, and long-lasting. This textured surface harnesses raw power while delivering maximum spin, allowing you to shape your shots with precision and dominate the game.

The paddle’s Reactive Honeycomb Polymer Core is specially tuned to maximize bounce consistency and provide a superior feel, making every shot smooth and controlled. Its 16mm (0.63″) thickness ensures a solid impact and reduces the time needed to recover from off-center strikes.

The CX-Forged Handle provides maximum flex, adding extra power and comfort to your swings. The Sure-Grip Elongated Handle, featuring perforations and an anti-slip ridge grip, ensures an optimum hold and increased shock absorption. It’s perfect for two-handed shots and enhances your overall control.

The Hyperion CFS 16 is pro-proven, thanks to its unique head curvature called Aero-Curve. This innovative design reduces drag and increases swing speed, making your shots lightning-fast and agile on the court.

The Hyperion CFS 16 gets added weight and stability thanks to the unique foam that has been injected into the paddle’s perimeter, widening the sweet spot for reliable edge-to-edge performance. It’s designed to optimize your game and provide an exceptional playing experience.

This paddle is not just any paddle; it’s the very same one used by Ben Johns, the highly ranked player in men’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles pickleball history. It’s designed to meet Ben’s exacting specifications and support advanced players in maintaining complete control over every inch of the court.

Overall, If you’re looking to elevate your pickleball game to the highest levels of performance, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Paddle is the perfect choice. Proven by the world’s number one player, this paddle delivers unparalleled power, precision, and comfort. With its advanced technologies and pro-level design.


  • Great control
  • Great for spin
  • Extended handle
  • Extra bounce that gives more power


  • Extra heavy as compared to other paddle
  • Difficult to accelerate
  • Very expensive

Best Composite Power Paddle: Onix Evoke Premiere

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle

  • Specifications:
    Lightweight Range: 7.5-7.8 ounce
  • Standard Weight Range: 7.8-8.2 ounce
  • Heavyweight Range: 8.2-8.4 ounce
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ (Standard weight paddle), 4″ (Light weight paddle)
  • Grip Style: Perforated Cushion grip
  • Handle Length: 5″
  • Paddle Length: 16″
  • Paddle Width: 8″
  • Paddle Face: DF Composite (fiberglass)
  • Core Material: Polypropylene
  • Edge Guard: Atomic13 Edge Technology

Product Review:

The ONIX Evoke Premier Composite Paddle, designed by the leading manufacturer ONIX, is here to bring power and precision like never before. Trusted by pro players Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova, this paddle is a game-changer, allowing you to compete at your highest level.

The Evoke Premier paddle was co-developed by two Pickleball National Champions, Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. Their expertise and experience have been poured into this paddle, making it a go-to choice for top professional players. When you use the Evoke Premier, you’re holding a paddle that’s used by champions.

The ground-breaking Atomic13 Edge Technology found in the Evoke Premier increases power and swing speed while reducing shock. This means you can hit powerful shots without sacrificing control. The DF Composite face provides a consistent minimal coating on the surface, softening the ball without compromising spin or pop off the composite face. With the precision cut polypropylene core, you’ll experience incredible touch and finesse in your shots.

With a perfect shape of 16″ x 8″, the Evoke Premier maximizes your baseline power while slightly increasing your reach. This makes it one of the most powerful and solid paddles in the ONIX pickleball lineup. Get ready to unleash your full potential and dominate the game with this powerhouse paddle.

Rest assured that the ONIX Evoke Premier meets and exceeds all USAPA and USA Pickleball requirements, making it suitable for official tournament play. You can confidently take it to any competition and perform at your best.

Overall, If you’re looking for a paddle that combines power and precision like never before, the ONIX Evoke Premier Composite Paddle is your ideal choice. Designed and trusted by pro players, this paddle will help you compete at your highest level and dominate the pickleball court.


  • Tennis Handle Shape
  • Comes in different weight
  • Comes in two grip sizes
  • Great spin
  • Shock Disperse technology
  • USAPA Approved


  • Less Durable.
  • Some players feel off with the paddle.

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Best Carbon Fiber Power Paddle: ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle


  • Average Weight: 7.94 ounces
  • Weight Range: 7.9 – 8.0 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4″ (Small)
  • Handle Length: 5.3″
  • Paddle Length: 15.8″
  • Paddle Width: 7.6″
  • Paddle Face: Toray Carbon Fiber
  • Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness:0.43″
  • Edge Guard: Replaceable Air-O-Guard Bumper System

Product Review:

This revolutionary paddle is the first of its kind, featuring a single-piece textured TORAY carbon face, making it incredibly aerodynamic and fast in your hand. It enhances your reflexes during quick exchanges and delivers more power compared to other carbon-faced paddles, all thanks to its edgeless design that boosts swing speed.

The ProKennex Black Ace Pro boasts a heat-molded carbon face on a polypropylene honeycomb core, giving it an unrivaled pop that will elevate your game. With this paddle in your hand, you’ll feel the power behind every shot, allowing you to dominate the court.

Equipped with ProKennex’s patented Kinetic Technology, the Black Ace Pro offers a unique shock and vibration-absorbing system. The paddle’s handle features an additional kinetic system, acting as a last-pass filtration system to handle the enhanced power of the Black Ace. This technology not only protects you from harmful impact forces but also ensures efficient energy transfer from the paddle to the ball, giving you a powerful advantage over your opponents.

The ProKennex Black Ace Pro has a proprietary Air-o-Guard interchangeable edge guard that is built to the highest aerodynamic standards to protect the edge of your paddle for the duration of your ownership. This means your paddle stays in top-notch condition, allowing you to focus on your game.

ProKennex Pickleball paddles are a result of the collective expertise and play-testing by multiple US Open Championship players, including Steve Dawson, Callan Dawson, and Jennifer Dawson. The Black Ace series is a testament to ProKennex’s dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of paddle design.

The Kinetic Energy technology within the Black Ace Pro utilizes tungsten-filled chambers to reduce vibration and focus energy more efficiently. This technology helps protect your arm from harmful impact forces and ensures a smoother transfer of energy from the paddle to the ball, giving you improved control and comfort during play.

The ProKennex Kinetic system considerably lowers potential damage to your arm by lowering vibration by 43%, according to an independent research by MIT Labs. With the Black Ace Pro, you can enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable pickleball experience.

Overall, The ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro Paddle is a game-changer, offering power, precision, and comfort like nothing else. With its cutting-edge technology, including the first-ever single-piece textured TORAY carbon face and the patented Kinetic system, this paddle is designed to give you the ultimate edge over your opponents.


  • Great Power
  • Great for singles
  • Very durable
  • Shock absorb technology
  • Very comfortable grip


  • Lack of control
  • Compromised sweet spot
  • Very expensive

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Best Elongated Power Paddle: Gearbox CX11E Pickleball Paddle

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight Range: 7.6 – 8.0 ounces (blue), 8.3 – 8.7 (green)
  • Grip Circumference: 3 5/8″ (small) or 3 15/16″ (small)
  • Handle Length: 5 5/8″
  • Paddle Length: 16 5/8″
  • Paddle Width: 7 3/8″
  • Paddle Face: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber
  • Core Thickness: 11mm (0.43″)
  • Core Material: T-700 Carbon Fiber
  • Edge Guard: Edgeless

Product Review:

pickleball paddle that offers power, spin, and agility, the Gearbox CX11E Power Pickleball Paddle is the perfect choice. This innovative paddle uses Solid Span Technology (SST) in the core, providing a reactive and agile feel. With minimal effort in your swing, the hand-laid T-700 graphite chambers in the core deliver loads of pop and touch. The CX11E is designed to give you more strength and accuracy, making your shots precise and powerful.

In the Power Series, the Gearbox CX11E stands out with its patented SST ribbed core, which returns energy back to the ball with higher speed velocity. For players with an aggressive game style or those looking for more force behind their spin shots, this gives you more pop, agility, and outstanding control.

The CX11E paddle features a lengthy 16-5/8″ face, allowing players to defend across the whole court and create more spin in their follow-through. The longer-than-average handle at 5-5/8″ creates space for potent double-handed backhands, perfect for players who need that extra reach and versatility.

The Solid Span Technology (SST) in the CX11E is a patented innovation, providing a ribbed core and one-piece construction using high-strength carbon fiber materials. This technology ensures maximum performance and reliability The paddle’s face, perimeter, and ribbed core are constructed from Toray T-700 and 3K woven carbon fiber, giving them strength and consistency.

Gearbox’s Hyper-Bite Spin Technology enhances spin starting from the SST ribbed core and building out to the paddle face. The ribbed core allows for maximum bite on the ball throughout the swing, increasing the spin velocity of the ball. Additionally, the urethane coat and advanced texture applied to the paddle face further boost spin power.

The CX11E features a larger sweet spot, thanks to the repositioned 3K woven carbon fiber and Toray T-700 carbon fiber plies. This improvement enhances forgiveness, capturing more shots and providing the performance you need on the court.

With an 11mm thickness, the CX11E is sleek and aerodynamic, cutting through the air with ease. Its carbon fiber edgeless frame adds strength, wear-resistance, and durability, making it reliable for intense gameplay.

Overall, The Gearbox CX11E Power Pickleball Paddle is a game-changer, offering power, agility, and spin in every shot. With its innovative technologies like SSTCORE, Hyper-Bite Spin, and Enhanced Sweet Spot, this paddle will elevate your pickleball performance. Whether you need extra reach, powerful swings, or precise spin shots, the CX11E will give you the strength and accuracy you need with less effort.


  • Great Power
  • Increased spin
  • Elongated
  • Small grip
  • Patent carbon fiber
  • USAPA Approved


  • Grip might not be suitable for every one

Best Lightweight Power Paddle: Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pro Paddle

 Best Power Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight Average: 8.5 ounces
  • Weight Range: 8.2 – 8.8 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ (Small) or 4 3/8″ (Large
  • Grip Length:4 3/4 “
  • Paddle Length:16″
  • Paddle Width: 7 7/8″
  • Paddle Face: Polycarbonate
  • Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 9/16″
  • Edge Guard: 1/8″ overlapping paddle face

Product Review:

This paddle is an upgraded version of the popular Bantam EX-L, designed to enhance your control and power on the court. With Paddletek’s advanced polymer core and thoughtful design, this paddle is perfect for competitive players looking to master the soft game while having the capability to put away powerful shots.

The Bantam EX-L Pro takes the control and power of the regular Bantam EX-L to a whole new level, thanks to its updated polymer honeycomb core. The thicker core provides additional touch and pop during play, giving you enhanced performance on every shot. With a slightly larger surface, you have more room to utilize your skills and dominate the game.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Bantam EX-L Pro showcases the quality that has gone into improving this popular paddle. The composite surface features Paddletek’s signature “P” in the center, surrounded by intricate patterns that add style to your game. The paddle’s background complements the design, while the Bantam EX-L Pro name is elegantly placed in the lower right.

Weighing between 8.2 – 8.8 ounces, the Bantam EX-L Pro strikes the perfect balance between lightweight and substantial, giving you control without sacrificing power. With a width of 7-7/8″ and a handle length of 4-1/2″, this paddle offers an ideal grip for players of all levels. You can choose between small and large grip sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for your hands.

The Bantam EX-L Pro’s 1/4″ longer surface and advanced core make it an excellent choice for competitive players seeking precision and power. Its polymer honeycomb core offers improved touch and responsiveness, allowing you to execute soft shots with finesse while still having the capacity to deliver powerful shots when needed.

The Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pro Paddle is a game-changer, offering a perfect balance of control and power for competitive players. With its upgraded polymer core and stylish design, this paddle is not only a performance powerhouse but also a sleek addition to your gear. Experience enhanced touch, pop, and responsiveness on the court with the Bantam EX-L Pro, and become a master of the soft game while maintaining the ability to deliver powerful shots when it counts.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Great power for this price
  • Comes in differenct weight and sizes
  • Great pop


  • Handle length might not be suitable for everyone

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Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the best power pickleball paddle delivers unmatched strength and speed, allowing players to hit hard shots with ease. It features a thinner core, heavier weight, and longer length to generate maximum power. With a focus on driving the ball and finishing points, this paddle is perfect for players who want to dominate their opponents on the court.

Last but no least make sure to check out the best pickleball set. Avatar

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