The 7 Best Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players of 2023

Best Pickleball Paddles For Intermediate Players

Pickleball is a fast-paced, entertaining game that mixes ping-pong, badminton, and tennis aspects. Whether you play for fun or competition, you need a good paddle to improve your game and enjoy the sport. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players?

This article will review the best pickleball paddles for intermediate players and help you find the one that suits your style, skill level, and budget. We will also share some tips on how to choose the right paddle size, weight, shape, and material for your needs. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what to look for in a pickleball paddle and how to take your game to the next level.

Our top picks for the Best Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players at First Glance are:

  • Best Overall – Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle
  • Best for Control – Six zero double black diamond
  • Best for Budget – Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle
  • Best Elongated – Vatic Pro V7 16mm Pickleball Paddle
  • Best for Power – CRBN 1X 14mm Power Series Paddle
  • Best Under $100 – Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle Review

Best Overall – Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle

Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle Review

Technical Specifications of Ronbus R1.16

  • Paddle Shape: Hybrid
  • Paddle Core thickness: 16mm
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Paddle Face: Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Average weight: 8.2 oz
  • Swing Weight: 117
  • Grip size: 4.25″
  • Grip length: 5.5″
  • Total length: 16.5″
  • Paddle Width: 7.5″
  • Warranty: 6-month warranty
  • Edge Guard: Yes
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The Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle is a budget-friendly gem that doesn’t compromise on performance. Crafted from high-quality Toray T700 carbon fiber, its surface offers durability and excellent grip for precise shots. The polypropylene honeycomb core strikes a balance between responsiveness and forgiveness, ensuring a solid feel and enhanced durability. With dimensions designed for a harmonious blend of power and control, and weighing in at 8.2 ounces, it caters to various playing styles.

The handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, and the paddle’s spin control, balanced power, and control make it a versatile choice. The forgiving sweet spot ensures accuracy, making it ideal for those engaging in dinking battles at the net. Durability is a strong suit, with a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of competitive play. Its thoughtful design also prevents the exposure of the honeycomb core, enhancing the paddle’s longevity.

While it may lack certain features found in higher-end paddles, its affordability and performance make the Ronbus R1.16 a top pick for players seeking quality without breaking the bank. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting, the R1.16 offers a balanced playing experience that’s hard to beat at its price point. Give it a try, and you may discover your new favorite pickleball paddle for your next match. With the R1.16, Ronbus delivers an impressive overall package that stands as a reliable tool for honing your skills on the court.

Best for Control – Six Zero Double Black Diamond

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 16Mm Paddle

Technical Specifications of Double Black Diamond Control 16mm Paddle

  • Paddle Shape: Hybrid
  • Core thickness: 16mm
  • Paddle Face: Toray 700 Raw carbon fiber
  • Average weight: 8.1 oz
  • Grip length: 5.5”
  • Swing Weight: 114
  • Grip size: 4.25”
  • Paddle Core: 8mm Honeycomb polymer
  • Total length: 16.3”
  • Width: 7.5” to 7.7″
  • Warranty: 6 months for defects
  • USAPA Approved

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 16mm Paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball equipment. At its core, lies a face crafted from the cutting-edge Premium Japanese Toray nano-engineered 700K carbon textured surface. This material provides an extraordinary grip, granting players unparalleled control over their shots. The interwoven layers of carbon not only bolster its strength but also provide a controlled pop, delivering powerful and precise shots on the court.

The core thickness of this paddle strikes a perfect balance between power and control, allowing players to unleash aggressive shots while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Its durability ensures it can withstand even the most intense gameplay sessions, delivering consistent performance shot after shot.

The handle of the Double Black Diamond is a testament to precision engineering. Featuring a 3D carbon forged elongated handle, it’s designed for maximum strength and performance. This technology reduces vibration and provides a highly responsive feel, resulting in a comfortable grip that empowers players to execute shots with confidence. The elongated handle accommodates double backhand players, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip for hands of all sizes. Additionally, the custom Six Zero perforated leather grip enhances traction, enabling players to maintain control during intense rallies.

Innovative Carbon Fusion Edge Technology sets this paddle apart in terms of durability and responsiveness. By fusing the top and bottom faces of the paddle, it creates a tighter and crisper feel with an enlarged sweet spot. This technology contributes to a more controlled and satisfying playing experience.

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 16mm Paddle offers premium control combined with a textured surface for maximum spin. It provides players with a remarkably crisp response, feeling like a seamless extension of their arm. This paddle is poised to elevate your game on the pickleball court, delivering top-tier control and performance. We have reviewed Six Zero Double Black Diamond 16mm and also 14mm also their comparison of 16mm vs 14mm in detail make sure to read it.

Best for Budget – Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle

Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Technical Specifications for the Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Paddle Core thickness: 16mm
  • Paddle Face: Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Average weight: 8.0 oz
  • Handle length: 5.3″
  • Swing Weight: 120
  • Grip size: 4.125
  • Paddle Core: 8mm Polymer honeycomb cells
  • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU
  • Paddle Total length: 16.5 in
  • Paddle Width: 7.5 in
  • Additional: Injected Foam, Thermoforming, Unibody Design
  • Read full review of the legacy pro pickleball paddle

The Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle is a game-changer for intermediate players seeking to elevate their performance without breaking the bank. This paddle has caused quite a stir in the pickleball community, and its popularity is on the rise. It’s impressive to see a new contender like Legacy challenge established brands like Joola, Selkirk, and CRBN.

For intermediate players, the Legacy Pro can be a game-changer, particularly if you’re transitioning from a beginner paddle. The power and spin it offers feel almost effortless. However, it does require some skill to fully harness its potential. Players still working on control might face a learning curve, but once mastered, the Legacy Pro becomes a formidable tool on the court.

Crafted from raw Toray T700 carbon fiber, the face of the Legacy Pro is a marvel of engineering. This material ensures exceptional durability and a textured surface for enhanced grip, enabling players to impart more spin and control. The paddle’s core boasts a substantial 16mm thickness, emphasizing durability and playability. Injected foam reinforces the core, adding responsiveness to your shots and giving the paddle a lively feel.

With dimensions that strike a balance between power and control, the Legacy Pro offers an extended sweet spot, making off-center hits more forgiving. Weighing around 8.0 ounces, it achieves a harmony of maneuverability and power generation. The handle, though slightly shorter at 5.3 inches, doesn’t compromise on control or maneuverability.

In terms of performance, the Legacy Pro excels in power, control, spin, and durability. Its innovative design, featuring a 16mm polymer core, injected foam, and Torre T700 carbon fiber face, delivers impressive stability and grip. The edge guard enhances control, and the weave pattern improves spin potential. The paddle’s unique feel combines plushness with rapid ball exit.

While the Legacy Pro has some minor drawbacks, like potential handle length issues for players with larger hands, and power control challenges in doubles play, its overall performance and value make it a top contender in the pickleball paddle market.

Best Elongated – Vatic Pro V7 16mm Pickleball Paddle

Welcome To The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle Review! Here, We'Ll Thoroughly Examine The Attributes And Capabilities Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle. If You'Re Keen To Learn About Its On-Court Performance, You'Re In For A Treat. Let'S Delve Into The Specifics Of This Review And Also Get To Know The Creators Behind Vatic Pro. Vatic Pro Is A Renowned Sports Equipment Manufacturer Known For Producing High-Quality Pickleball Paddles And Other Gear. Their Commitment To Innovation And Player Satisfaction Sets Them Apart In The Market. With Their V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle, They Aim To Provide Players With A Top-Notch Experience On The Court. Now, Let'S Take A Closer Look At What This Paddle Has To Offer In Our Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle Review. Technical Specifications Of Vatic Pro V7 Carbon Fiber 16Mm • Paddle Face: Toray T700 Carbon Fiber • Thermoformed Edges • Unibody Construction • Average Weight - 8.1-8.5 Oz • Paddle Total Length - 16.5 In • Paddle Width - 7.5 In • Grip Circumference - 4.125 In • Grip Length - 5.3 Inches • Grip Has Polyurethane To Absorb Shock And Help With Tennis Elbow • Paddle Core: C7 Polymer Honeycomb • Core Thickness - 16Mm • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion Tpu • Paddle Shape: Elongated • Swing Weight: 119 Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle Review When It Comes To Pickleball Paddles It'S Essential To Understand Its Each Component. The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle A Standout In The World Of Paddle Sports Offers A Remarkable Combination Of Features. In This Section, We'Ll Delve Into The Specifics Of Its Vatic Pro Paddle Face, Paddle Core, Dimensions And Weight, As Well As The Handle And Grip, To Provide You With A Comprehensive Understanding Of What Makes This Paddle Unique. Vatic Pro V7 Paddle Face The Face Of A Pickleball Paddle Plays An Important Role In Determining Its Performance. In The Case Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm, The Face Is Crafted Using Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, A High-Quality Material Known For Its Strength And Durability. What Sets This Paddle Apart Is The Addition Of A Heat-Compressed Texture On The Face. The Use Of Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Provides Exceptional Stiffness And Responsiveness To The Paddle. This Stiffness Translates Into Enhanced Power When Striking The Ball. The Heat-Compressed Texture, On The Other Hand, Adds A Unique Tactile Element To The Face. This Texture Is Not Only Aesthetically Pleasing But Also Contributes To Better Ball Control. During Play, The Texture On The Face Interacts With The Ball, Allowing Players To Impart Spin And Control With Greater Precision. Whether You'Re Looking To Execute A Powerful Drive Or Finesse A Soft Drop Shot, The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm'S Textured Face Offers Versatility And Reliability. Vatic Pro V7 Paddle Core The Core Of A Pickleball Paddle Is Its Foundation, And The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Incorporates A C7 Polymer Honeycomb Core. This Choice Of Core Material Brings Several Advantages To The Table. First And Foremost, C7 Polymer Honeycomb Is Renowned For Its Durability. It Can Withstand The Rigors Of Intense Gameplay Without Showing Signs Of Wear And Tear. This Durability Ensures That The Paddle Remains A Reliable Companion On The Court, Even After Numerous Matches. Moreover, The Honeycomb Structure Of The Core Provides An Excellent Balance Between Power And Control. It Allows Players To Generate The Force Required For Aggressive Shots While Maintaining The Finesse Necessary For Precise Placement And Soft Shots. This Versatility Is A Hallmark Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle, Making It Suitable For A Wide Range Of Playing Styles. Vatic Pro V7 Dimensions And Weight The Dimensions And Weight Of A Pickleball Paddle Are Critical Factors That Influence Its Feel And Performance During Play. The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Strikes A Balance That Caters To A Diverse Group Of Players. Total Length: The Paddle Boasts A Total Length Of 16.5 Inches. This Elongated Design Provides Players With Added Reach And Leverage, Making It Easier To Cover Ground And Reach Those Hard-To-Get Balls. Paddle Width: With A Face Width Of 7.5 Inches, The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Offers A Generous Sweet Spot. The Sweet Spot Is The Area On The Face Of The Paddle Where You Can Make Solid Contact With The Ball, Resulting In Better Control And More Consistent Shots. Paddle Weight: The Average Weight Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Is 8.1 Ounces. This Weight Range Strikes A Balance Between Power And Maneuverability. It'S Substantial Enough To Deliver Potent Shots While Remaining Agile For Quick Reactions At The Net. Vatic Pro V7 Handle And Grip The Handle And Grip Of A Pickleball Paddle Are What Connect You To The Game. The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Is Designed With Player Comfort And Control In Mind. Vatic Pro V7 Grip Length: The Grip Of This Paddle Measures 5.3 Inches In Length. This Extended Grip Allows Players To Adjust Their Hand Placement For Different Shots And Playing Styles. Whether You Prefer A Two-Handed Backhand Or Need Room To Finesse A Delicate Drop Shot, The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Accommodates Your Needs. Vatic Pro V7 Grip Size: The Grip Size Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Measures 4.25 Inches In Circumference. Finding The Right Grip Size Is Crucial For Maintaining Control And Preventing Wrist Strain During Play. The 4.25-Inch Grip Strikes A Balance Between Comfort And Control, Catering To A Broad Range Of Hand Sizes. Handle Construction: The Handle Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Is Crafted With Precision And Ergonomic Considerations. It Provides A Comfortable Grip That Minimizes Hand Fatigue During Extended Matches. Additionally, The Handle Is Designed To Reduce Vibrations, Ensuring That Players Can Maintain A Firm Hold On The Paddle Even During Powerful Shots. Vatic Pro V7 Anti-Abrasion Tpu Edge Guard: Protecting The Edges Of The Paddle Is The Anti-Abrasion Tpu (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Edge Guard. This Feature Not Only Safeguards The Paddle From Damage During Accidental Collisions With The Court Or Other Equipment But Also Contributes To The Overall Durability Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm. Grip Inserts: The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Incorporates Grip Inserts That Enhance The Overall Feel And Comfort Of The Handle. These Inserts Provide A Tactile Response, Helping Players Maintain Control Over Their Shots. The Combination Of The Handle'S Design And The Grip Inserts Ensures That The Paddle Feels Secure In Your Hand, Allowing You To Focus On Your Game Without Distractions. Performance Rating Of Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Carbon Fiber Paddle Now, Let'S Examine The Paddle'S Performance Characteristics In Detail. Power Rating - 8/10 The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Excels In Delivering Substantial Power To Players. In Fact, During Testing, It Exhibited More Pop Than Its 14Mm Flash Counterpart. This Paddle Is Particularly Well-Suited For Players Who Enjoy Driving The Ball With Force, As It Effortlessly Generates Power. The Paddle'S Construction Allows For Powerful Shots With Relative Ease, Making It An Enjoyable Choice For Those Who Relish Hitting The Ball Hard. It'S Important To Acknowledge That The Vatic Pro 16Mm Boasts A Significant Degree Of Pop, Which May Necessitate Some Adaptation For Certain Players. The Paddle'S Inherent Punchiness And Reduced Dwell Time Require Players To Possess Solid Control Skills. Those Who Struggle With Soft Resets Or Prefer Paddles With A Gentler Touch Might Find The Vatic Pro 16Mm Less Accommodating. After A Few Sessions, Acclimating To The Added Power Became More Manageable, And I Began To Appreciate The Paddle'S Capabilities, Especially For Aggressive Play. Notably, The Heightened Power From Thermoformed Paddles Like The Vatic Pro Can Be Intoxicating, Enticing Players To Explore The Boundaries Of Their Shots. Spin Rating – 9/10 Where The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Truly Distinguishes Itself Is In Its Capacity To Generate Exceptional Spin. The Spin Potential Offered By This Paddle Is Remarkable, Especially When Compared To Earlier Carbon-Faced Paddle Iterations. Whether Applying Topspin To Serves Or Employing Backhand Slices, The Vatic Pro Elevates Spin Tactics Considerably. The Ball'S Trajectory Exhibits Sharp Curves And Rapid Drops, Often Disorienting Opponents And Leading To Mishits. The Use Of Toray T700 Fiber On The Paddle'S Surface Plays A Pivotal Role In Enhancing Spin Generation. While A Few Other Paddles Might Produce Even More Spin, Such As The Legacy Pro, Ronbus Pulsar, And Six Zero Black Diamond, Which Employ The Same Toray T700 Fiber But Feature A Tighter Top Layer Weave, The Vatic Pro 16Mm Maintains A Commendable Balance Of Spin In Practice. Control Rating – 8.5/10 The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Benefits From Innovative Paddle Technology That Significantly Augments Control. Encasing The Edge Guard In Carbon Fiber Contributes To A Consistent And Dynamic Tension Across The Paddle Face, Expanding The Sweet Spot And Fortifying Control. Additionally, Foam Injection Into The Paddle'S Walls Results In A Softer Impact And Finer Ball Control. In Comparison To My Previous Joola Hyperion Paddle, The Vatic Pro Exhibits More Balanced Weight Distribution, Leading To Improved Control During Play. Nevertheless, It Is Crucial To Acknowledge That This Paddle Retains Significant Pop Due To The Thermoforming Process. Consequently, Some Players Might Encounter Challenges In Managing The Liveliness Of The Paddle, Particularly If They Favor A Softer Touch. My Perspective On The Vatic Pro Aligns With Its Suitability For Intermediate Players Rather Than Novices. Despite Its Inherent Pop, This Paddle Has The Potential To Enhance Various Facets Of Your Game, From Executing Topspin Serves To Mastering Ground Strokes. My Experience With Drop Shots Remained Consistent, A Testament To The Paddle'S Versatility. Overall, The Vatic Pro Radiates Refinement And Precision, Although Players May Require An Adjustment Period To Accommodate Its Heightened Pop. Durability Rating – 9/10 Durability Is A Paramount Concern When Evaluating Pickleball Paddles, Particularly Those Constructed Using New Technologies Like Thermoforming. The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle, Reassuringly, Excels In This Regard. Thermoformed Paddles, Including The Vatic Pro, Exhibit Robust And Resilient Construction Qualities, Often Described As &Quot;Tanks&Quot; In Durability. The Vatic Pro Undergoes A Meticulous Production Process, Featuring Multi-Layered, Wrapped, And Heat-Pressed Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, Which Is Cured With Heat For Over Two Hours. This Unibody Construction Design Aligns Closely With Gearbox Paddles, Renowned For Their Longevity. These Thermoformed Paddles Herald A Potential Future In Paddle Manufacturing, Where Durability Prevails Over Flimsy Alternatives. In Contrast To Certain Paddles, Such As The Joola Hyperion, Which Might Falter In The Durability Department, The Vatic Pro Upholds A Reputation For Sturdiness. In Fact, Paddles From The Same Factory, Such As The Crbn 1/2X, Legacy Pro, And Sixzero, Rival The Vatic Pro'S Durability. The Industry Is Evolving Toward More Robust And Long-Lasting Paddles, Thanks In Part To Innovations Like Thermoforming. Price Point One Of The Most Compelling Attributes Of The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Is Its Exceptional Value Proposition. This Paddle Competes Fiercely With Top-Tier Paddles In The Market But Boasts A Significantly Lower Price Point. It Is Noteworthy That The Vatic Pro Initially Faced Aesthetic Concerns, Particularly Pertaining To The Font Used For The &Quot;V7 Carbon Fiber 16Mm&Quot; Text On The Paddle Face. However, The Company Has Responded By Modifying The Font In Newer Iterations, Resulting In A More Visually Appealing Design. Is The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Carbon Fiber Paddle Worth Buying? The Decision To Purchase The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Hinges On Several Factors, Including Your Playing Style, Skill Level, And Preferences. Let'S Explore Whether This Paddle Aligns With Your Needs: Suitability For Different Player Profiles: Intermediate Players: The Vatic Pro 16Mm Can Significantly Benefit Intermediate Recreational Players, Enhancing Their Game With Its Blend Of Power And Control. Advanced 5.0 Players: Those Operating At An Advanced Level, Particularly With A 5.0 Rating, Are Likely To Experience Positive Changes In Their Game By Adopting The Vatic Pro 16Mm Paddle. Value And Performance: Value Proposition: The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle Delivers Exceptional Value For Its Price, Rivaling High-End Alternatives While Remaining Budget-Friendly. Playing Styles And Preferences: Elongated Paddle Preference: Players Who Favor Elongated Paddles Will Find The Vatic Pro 16Mm To Be An Excellent Fit, Thanks To Its Design Tailored To This Preference. Alternate Options: If You Are Not Inclined Towards Elongated Paddles, Consider The Vatic Pro Flash 14Mm, Which Incorporates Similar Advancements And Remains Available For Order. Additionally, If You Prefer A Softer Paddle With Ample Spin And Power, Explore The Double Black Diamond Control Paddle. Pros Of Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle • Very Soft Paddle • Less Bouncy • Usapa Approved • Very Durable • Great Reviews • Less Bouncy Compared To Other Paddles • Comfortable Grip Design • Lightweight And Easy To Maneuver • Affordable Option For A Quality Paddle • Elongated Shape • Great For Tennis Elbow Cons Of Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Paddle • Get Scratches On The Surface • Not Suitable For Players Who Prefer A Harder Paddle. • Lack Of Pop • Design May Not Be Suitable For Every Player Closing Thoughts On The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle Review In Conclusion, The Vatic Pro V7 Paddles, Including The 16Mm, Offer Distinct Playing Experiences That Cater To Varying Player Preferences And Styles. While Personal Preferences May Lead Some Players To Favor Other Paddles, The Vatic Pro Series Presents An Attractive Option, Particularly Considering Its Competitive Price Point. For Players Who Seek Enhanced Power And Can Adapt To The Paddle'S Characteristics, The Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Presents An Enticing Choice. However, Those Who Prioritize Control And Prefer A Softer Touch Might Find The Sixzero Double Black Diamond To Be A Better Fit. It'S Crucial To Acknowledge The Potential Variance In Manufacturing Among Thermoformed Paddles, Impacting Their Pop Characteristics. As Such, Players Should Consider Their Playing Style And Individual Preferences When Selecting A Paddle. Vatic Pro V7 16Mm Pickleball Paddle Review

Technical specifications of Vatic Pro V7 Carbon Fiber 16mm

  • Paddle Face: TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Thermoformed edges
  • Unibody Construction
  • Average Weight – 8.1-8.5 oz
  • Paddle Total Length – 16.5 in
  • Paddle Width – 7.5 in
  • Grip Circumference – 4.125 in
  • Grip Length – 5.3 Inches
  • Grip has polyurethane to absorb shock and help with tennis elbow
  • Paddle Core: C7 Polymer Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness – 16mm
  • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU
  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Swing Weight: 119
  • Read full review of vatic pro v7

The paddle face is constructed using Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, a material known for its exceptional strength and durability. What sets the Vatic Pro apart is the addition of a heat-compressed texture on the face, providing both aesthetic appeal and improved ball control. This unique combination of materials and texture results in a face that delivers power and precision.

The core of the Vatic Pro features a C7 Polymer Honeycomb core, known for its durability and balanced performance. This core material strikes a perfect balance between power and control, allowing players to execute aggressive shots with finesse. The honeycomb structure enhances durability, ensuring the paddle remains reliable over many matches.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the Vatic Pro V7 16mm offers an extended length of 16.5 inches, providing added reach and leverage. The 7.5-inch width offers a generous sweet spot, ensuring more consistent and controlled shots. Weighing approximately 8.1 ounces, the paddle strikes a balance between power and maneuverability.

The handle of the Vatic Pro measures 5.3 inches in length, offering players flexibility in hand placement for different shots and playing styles. The grip size, measuring 4.25 inches in circumference, caters to a broad range of hand sizes, ensuring both comfort and control. The handle is designed with player comfort in mind, minimizing vibrations and providing a secure grip.

The Vatic Pro also features an Anti-Abrasion TPU Edge Guard, providing protection to the edges of the paddle and contributing to its overall durability. Additionally, grip inserts enhance the feel and comfort of the handle, ensuring a secure grip during play.

Thanks to the edge foam injection, the Vatic Pro boasts a generous sweet spot, a particularly valuable trait for an elongated paddle like this one. The thermoforming process adds an impressive level of pop to every strike. And if you’re after some serious spin action, the 14mm Vatic Pro Flash version with its tighter, gritty surface face truly shines in this department.

What’s even more intriguing is that the Vatic Pro shares a striking resemblance with the new CRBN 1X/2X Power paddle line. They not only play similarly but are also produced under comparable specifications in the same factory as the CRBN. The key distinction? The Vatic Pro comes with an $80 price advantage, making it an exceptional premium choice for intermediate players looking to elevate their game. This paddle isn’t just about cutting-edge technology; it’s also about offering remarkable value in the world of pickleball gear.

Best for Power – CRBN 1X 14mm Power Series Paddle

Crbn 1X 14Mm Power Series Paddle Review

Technical Specifications of CRBN 1X 14mm Paddle

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Core thickness: 14mm
  • Paddle Face: Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • weight: 7.9-8.1OZ
  • Grip length: 5.5″
  • Swing Weight: 117
  • Grip size: 4.25″
  • Core: Honeycomb polymer
  • Handle length: 5.5″
  • Grip circumference: 4.25″
  • Foam-injected edge walls
  • Unibody design
  • Read full reiew of the CRBN 1X 14mm

The CRBN 1X 14mm Power Series Paddle stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of pickleball equipment. This comprehensive review aims to dissect its construction, performance, and suitability for various players.

Crafted with thermoform technology, the unibody design is a testament to CRBN’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of paddle construction. Unlike conventional paddles, the seamless integration of carbon fiber throughout ensures durability and transforms the tactile experience for players.

For spin enthusiasts, the CRBN 1X is a revelation. Its carbon fiber face, coupled with foam-injected edge walls, produces spins that defy convention. Whether launching topspin groundstrokes or executing wicked serves, the 1X provides an unrivaled spin potential.

In terms of power, the CRBN 1X doesn’t pull punches. Tailored for aggressive players, it imparts a level of authority that can dominate any court. The seamless carbon fiber face minimizes energy loss, resulting in remarkable pop and power. However, this potency demands precision and finesse to fully harness.

While forgiveness may not be its primary feature, the 1X offers a generous sweet spot. It may be less forgiving for beginners, but for seasoned players, the feedback is invaluable. Vibrations from the paddle offer crucial insights, aiding in honing one’s game.

Available in 14mm and 16mm versions, players can select based on their playstyle preferences. The 14mm option emphasizes spin potential and power, ideal for aggressive players. On the other hand, the 16mm strikes a balance between power and control, offering a more forgiving experience.

Best Under $100 – Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle Review

Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle Review

Technical specifications of Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Core thickness: 13mm
  • Paddle Face: Toray 700 Raw carbon fiber with textured epoxy coating
  • Average weight: 7.9-8.0 oz
  • Grip length: 5.6”
  • Swing Weight: 108
  • Grip size: 4.25”
  • Paddle Core: Honeycomb polymer
  • Total length: 16.5”
  • Paddle Width: 7.5”
  • Warranty: 6-month for defects
  • Read full review of Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle

The Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle, a remarkable addition to the world of pickleball equipment. Six Zero, a company known for its innovative approach and commitment to improving paddles, has gained recognition in the pickleball community. Dale, the owner, is passionate about the sport and constantly pushes the boundaries of paddle design.

In this review, we focus on their budget-friendly yet impressive offering, the thermoformed Six Zero Sapphire. While the Diamond series often steals the spotlight, the Sapphire is a hidden gem that deserves attention. It has earned a place on my list of top pickleball paddles for intermediate players and is an excellent choice for those seeking a quality paddle under $100.

Thermoformed paddles, like the Sapphire, have gained popularity for their ability to deliver powerful shots, excellent spin, and durability. What sets the Sapphire apart is that it’s the only thermoformed paddle available for under $100.

In terms of quality, the Sapphire stands out in its price range. The construction is top-notch, surpassing many other paddles in the under $100 category. The shape of the paddle is noteworthy, reminiscent of the Franklin Signature series but with improved feel and performance.

Performance-wise, the Sapphire proves itself as a well-balanced paddle suitable for all types of courts. It offers impressive power, reliable spin, and good control.

One feature worth mentioning is the 5’6″ elongated handle. This is a boon for players like me who use a two-handed backhand, offering the right handle length. Even if you don’t use a two-handed backhand, the elongated handle allows for a lower grip, providing more power in your swing.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Six Zero Sapphire Pickleball Paddle, especially considering its price. Six Zero is crafting exceptional paddles with meticulous attention to detail. If you’re in search of a high-quality paddle without breaking the bank, the Sapphire is definitely worth considering.

How to Know That You Are an Intermediate Player in Pickleball?

People of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport of pickleball. But how do you know your skill level and how to improve it? In this section, we will explain how to know that you are an intermediate player in pickleball and how to measure your progress using the pickleball rating system.

What is an Intermediate Player in Pickleball?

An intermediate pickleball player has mastered the basic skills of the game and can play consistently and strategically. Intermediate players have good ball control, shot placement, court awareness, and teamwork. They can also handle different shots, such as lobs, dinks, volleys, and drives.

According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), the official governing body of the sport, intermediate players are usually rated between 3.0 and 4.0 on a scale of 1.0 to 6.0. The rating system is based on a player’s knowledge of the rules, ability to execute specific shots and strategies, and consistency and accuracy. You can find the detailed definitions of each rating level on the USAPA website.

How to Determine Your Pickleball Rating?

There are several ways to determine your pickleball rating, but participating in a sanctioned tournament or league is the most common method. USAPA or its affiliates organize sanctioned events and follow the official rules and regulations of the sport. Playing in a sanctioned event will give you an official rating based on your performance against other players of similar or higher skill levels.

Another way to determine your pickleball rating is by taking a skill assessment. A skill assessment is a test that evaluates your ability to perform various shots and skills in pickleball. The skill assessment sheets for each rating level are on the USAPA website. You can take the skill assessment by yourself or with a partner, but it is recommended that you have a certified instructor or referee to observe and score you.

A third way to determine your pickleball rating is by using an online tool. Some websites offer online tools that estimate your pickleball rating based on your answers to questions about your skills and experience. These tools are not official or accurate, but they can give you a general idea of where you stand.

How to Improve Your Pickleball Rating?

You must practice regularly and challenge yourself to improve your pickleball rating and become a better player. Here are some tips on how to improve your pickleball rating:

Play with different partners and opponents. Playing with different people will expose you to different styles, strategies, and levels of play. You will learn from their strengths and weaknesses and adapt your game accordingly.

Join a club or group. Joining a club or group will allow you to play pickleball and meet other players who share your passion. You will also benefit from other members’ coaching, feedback, and support.

Take lessons or clinics. Taking lessons or clinics from a qualified instructor will help you improve your technique, tactics, and mental game. You will also get personalized advice and tips on overcoming your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths.

Watch and learn from others. Watching and learning from other players, especially those who are better than you, will help you gain new insights and ideas on how to play pickleball. You can watch live matches at tournaments or online videos of professional players.

Have fun. Having fun is the most important thing in pickleball. Enjoy the game, have a positive attitude, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember that pickleball is a lifelong journey of learning and improvement.

How to Choose the Best Pickleball Paddle for Intermediate Players?

To improve your game and enjoy the sport more, you need a good paddle that matches your playing style and needs. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players? In this article, we will help you find the answer by reviewing some of the main criteria for choosing the best pickleball paddles for intermediate players. These criteria include:


The weight of the paddle affects its power and control. Generally, heavier paddles provide more power but less control, while lighter paddles provide more control but less power. Intermediate players should look for paddles with a medium weight (between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces) to balance power and control.


The material of the paddle affects its durability and performance. Paddles can be made from wood, composite materials (such as fiberglass or carbon fiber), or graphite. Wood paddles are cheap and sturdy but heavy and lackluster. Composite paddles are durable and versatile but may be expensive. Graphite paddles are light and responsive but may lack durability.


The shape of the paddle affects its sweet spot and maneuverability. Paddles can have different shapes, such as square, rectangular, oval, or tear drop. Square or rectangular paddles have larger sweet spots but may be less maneuverable. Oval or tear drop paddles have smaller sweet spots but may be more maneuverable.


The size of the paddle affects its hitting surface and grip size. Paddles can have different sizes, such as standard (8 x 15 inches), widebody (8 x 16 inches), or oversize (8 x 17 inches). Standard paddles have smaller hitting surfaces but larger grip sizes. Widebody or oversize paddles have larger hitting surfaces but smaller grip sizes.


Choosing the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider and options to choose from. However, by knowing your playing style, preference, and budget, you can narrow your search and find the perfect paddle. Whether you want more power or control, spin or speed, comfort or durability, there is a paddle that suits your needs. The best pickleball paddles for intermediate players are the ones that help you improve your game and enjoy the sport.

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