Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

When it comes to powerful, high-quality pickleball paddles, Gearbox has always been at the forefront of innovation. However, if you had asked me a few months ago to name the company releasing the most potent legal paddle on the market, Gearbox might not have been my first guess. That’s all changed now. The Gearbox Pro Series has taken the pickleball world by storm, redefining expectations of power in the game.

Gearbox, a brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation, has taken a bold step into the power game with this paddle. Traditionally recognized for their durability and precision, Gearbox has surprised us all by entering the power pickleball paddle market. We’re about to uncover everything you need to know about this paddle, its design, construction, and how it performs on the court.

But that’s not all – we’ll also discuss the paddle’s pricing, its unique features, and its place in the ever-evolving world of pickleball equipment. So, whether you’re a seasoned player looking for an upgrade or a newcomer seeking the perfect paddle, join us as we dissect the Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle review. Get ready to make an informed decision about whether this paddle is the right choice for your game.

Let’s dive into the details and find out what sets this paddle apart in the world of pickleball.

Technical Specs of the Gearbox Pro Power Elongated and Fusion

  • Paddle Weight: 8oz
  • Swingweight: (121 – Elongated) – (114 – Fusion)
  • Twistweight: (5.16 – Elongated) – (4.96 –Fusion)
  • Paddle Length: (16.5″ – Elongated) – (16″ – Fusion)
  • Width: 7.5″
  • Face: Raw Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Circumference: 4″
  • Handle Length: 5.5″
  • Core: 14mm SST Carbon Fiber
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
  • USAPA Approved

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

The Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle comes with a price tag of $275, reflecting its high-end quality and performance. This Pro Power range offers two models, including the Pro Power Elongated and Pro Power Fusion, a unique experimental shape. There is also the control version of these paddles the Pro Control Elongated and Pro Control Fusion. But here we are only talking about the power models, specially the Pro Power Elongated Model.

These paddles share common attributes—a 14 mm thickness, a 5.5-inch handle length, 4-inch grip circumference, 8-ounce weight, and a raw carbon fiber face with the renowned SST core that Gearbox is celebrated for. Notably, Gearbox’s adoption of a raw carbon fiber face marks a significant shift, highlighting the importance of grip in achieving exceptional spin.

Why Fusion? Why not standard or hybrid shape, Gearbox’s founder and CEO, Raphael Filipini, explains that keeping the Fusion paddle narrow enhances maneuverability. Reduced twist weight is another benefit of this design, improving overall paddle control.

The Gearbox Pro Paddles have emerged as a standout contender, particularly the Pro Power elongated model. It boasts an impressive speed that rival’s EVA foam paddles, yet remains legal for play. John Q’s speed tests placed EVA foam paddles at 58-59 mph, with the Gearbox Pro Power clocking in at a formidable 57 mph. For comparison, the Carbon 1x 14mm stood at 55 mph, the Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 at 54, and the 6.0 Double Black Diamond at 51 mph.

Paddle Face

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

The Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle sets a new standard with its innovative paddle face. Unlike its predecessors, Gearbox has introduced a raw carbon fiber surface, revolutionizing the way we think about grip and spin. This bold move plays the important role in achieving exceptional spin performance.

Paddle Core

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

One of the standout features of the Gearbox Pro Series is its SST (Solid Span Technology) core. Instead of the traditional honeycomb polypropylene, Gearbox employs parallel carbon fiber ribs oriented along the paddle’s long axis. This technology enhances the localized deflection of the ball upon impact, resulting in improved power and a unique sensation while playing.

The fusion paddle incorporates denser carbon fiber layers, aligning with the goal of allowing players to easily transition between the elongated and fusion options. This means you can use the elongated paddle for singles and switch to the fusion for doubles without requiring significant adjustment. It’s worth noting that the swing weights do differ, with the elongated models measuring between 120 and 122, while the fusion paddles have swing weights ranging from 112 to 115.

Consequently, the elongated models will feel more like swinging paddles such as the Legacy Pro, Carbon 1x, and Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy, whereas the fusion models will be more akin to the 6.0 Double Black Diamond, Ronbus Nova R1, and Vatic Pro Flash.

Dimensions and Weight

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

The Pro Power Paddles are 14 mm thick, striking an ideal balance between power and finesse. The elongated form offers players a unique advantage, and with a 5.5-inch handle length, it provides the perfect grip for a wide range of playing styles. Weighing in at 8 ounces, the paddle offers a comfortable heft that allows for controlled swings and powerful shots.

Both paddles have very large size sweet spots despite their relatively low twist weights. Interestingly, both the elongated and fusion models weigh the same at 8.0 ounces, even though the fusion is smaller in size and has a smaller surface area. This weight consistency is a deliberate choice based on the carbon fiber layers used in their construction.

Handle and Grip

The Gearbox Pro Power handles are 5.5-inch in length provides ample room for various grip styles, ensuring a comfortable and natural hold. The 4-inch grip circumference strikes a balance between control and maneuverability, giving players the confidence to execute shots with precision.

Gearbox has paid attention to detail, ensuring that the handle feels like an extension of the player’s hand. The result is a paddle that establishes a seamless connection, allowing players to focus on their game without distraction.

Performance Rating of Gearbox Pro Power Paddle

When it comes to evaluating the performance of a pickleball paddle, the Gearbox Pro Power Paddle stands out as a game-changer. This section delves into a comprehensive performance analysis, covering key aspects that make this paddle a standout choice for players seeking an edge on the court.

Power and Speed

Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle Review

The Gearbox Pro Power Paddle redefines power in pickleball. Clocking in at an astounding 57 mph in tests, this paddle delivers an unprecedented level of speed and impact. Players will notice a distinct difference in the force behind their shots, making it an ideal choice for those looking to dominate the game with authoritative play.

What truly sets the Gearbox Pro apart is the palpable force behind its strikes. Players report a unique sensation, where the paddle’s impact feels unlike anything they’ve experienced. This difference is most notable when executing delicate flick shots at the net.

Through high-speed camera analysis done by pickleball studio, it was revealed that the Gearbox significantly outpaces the Double Black Diamond, taking just 0.2 seconds to reach the other side of the kitchen line compared to 0.3 seconds. This seemingly marginal difference translates to a substantial increase in speed, with the Gearbox hitting at approximately 70 ft per second, compared to the Double Black Diamond’s 46 ft per second.

While the Double Black Diamond demands a more substantial exertion of force, the Gearbox allows for a more relaxed yet effective stroke. It’s the difference between a restrained flick and a wrist-pop that catches opponents off guard. This ease of generating power without an exhaustive wind-up is a testament to the Gearbox’s design.

Control and Spin

While renowned for its power, the Gearbox Pro Power Paddle doesn’t sacrifice control. Its unique construction allows for finesse shots and precise placement, giving players the ability to dictate the pace of the game. However, the resets on these power paddles are bit off. With so much speed it’s hard to reset during the game near the net.

With the raw carbon fiber face, Gearbox has unlocked a new level of spin potential. Testing at 2,000 RPM range, this paddle provides players with unparalleled spin control. The combination of the SST core and the raw carbon fiber face creates a spin powerhouse, allowing for devastatingly effective shots that will keep opponents on their toes.

Sweet Spot

Despite the low twist weights of these paddles, they maintain an impressively large sweet spot. The segmented carbon fiber ribs in the core contribute to this expanded sweet spot, ensuring forgiveness even when you don’t hit the ball dead center. The feel of the sweet spot is described as a mix between traditional raw carbon fiber paddles and EVA foam paddles, offering both liveliness and softness.


Gearbox’s “Quiet Tech Sound Technology” seeks to create a lower decibel, lower frequency sound upon impact. The result is a paddle that doesn’t produce the loud or poppy noises typically associated with power paddles. This reduced resonance can take opponents by surprise, as the quieter sound can make the ball’s speed and force seem deceptively gentle.

Despite being less poppy and noisy these paddles create immense power to play around the court. Also this smart vibration dampen technology put less strain on the hand and elbow. It also add a plushy feeling and enhaced control.


The raw carbon fiber face, offers a unique feel that is reminiscent of EVA foam. The paddle’s touch provides a sense of connection with the ball, making dinks and delicate shots feel effortless. The dwell time on the paddle is substantial, enabling players to execute precise, controlled shots. This touch feature of the Gearbox Pro Power Paddle is an essential asset for players who value finesse and accuracy in their game.


At the core of this paddle lies the SST core, designed to withstand the test of time. Unlike some paddles that deteriorate over time, the Gearbox Pro Power Paddle retains its original performance and power, ensuring that it remains a formidable companion on the court. The transition to a carbon fiber face does raise questions about grip durability, but Gearbox’s commitment to quality control reassures players that their paddle’s grip will stand up to the rigors of the game.

Final thoughts

The Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle is really a game-changer in terms of power. Priced at $275, it’s an investment in performance. With two models available in power catergory, both boasting at 14 mm thickness, 5.5-inch handle, and 8 oz weight, Gearbox has stepped up its game.

The use of a raw carbon fiber face significantly enhances spin capabilities. Durability is a Gearbox hallmark, with a core that outlasts polymer-based paddles.

Weight control is exceptional, with minimal variance from advertised weight. The Pro Power elongated model stands out for its exceptional power, hitting as hard as EVA foam but remaining legal. It offers impressive speed with minimal effort.

The Pro Power also maintains good control, making it suitable for both singles and doubles play. The Sweet Spot performance is improved, though lead tape can enhance it further. The Fusion shape, however, falls short in comparison to the elongated models.

In summary, the Gearbox Pro Power Pickleball Paddle is a top-tier choice for players seeking power. Despite the price, its performance justifies the cost. The Pro Power elongated model, especially, stands out as an elite singles paddle. Highly recommended for players looking for a versatile and powerful paddle. Avatar

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