Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Welcome back with another review from one of the best pickleball paddle brand Ronbus. The Ronbus R3 pulsar has been one of my favorite pickleball paddle on the court. Today, we will talk about the new the Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle and compare it with its predecessor, the R1 Nova which we have reviewed earlier make sure to check that out, and provide you with valuable insights into their distinctive features and gameplay advantages.

Join us as we hit the court to gauge the performance between these two remarkable paddles in this Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review.

Technical Specifications of Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle

Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Core thickness: 16mm
  • Face: Textured Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Average weight: 8.1oz
  • Grip length: 5.5″
  • Swing Weight: 120
  • Twistweight: 6.15
  • Grip size: 4.125” Octagonal
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Total length: 16.5″
  • Width: 7.5″
  • Edge Guard: Yes
  • USAPA Approved
  • Warranty: 6 Month for Manufacturing Defects

Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Both paddles R3 Nova and R1 Nova boasting with the same cutting-edge technology, However, there are slight changes in the design and swing weights. The R3 Nova is made with the same unique Gen.3 production methods as the R1 Nova. The difference involving the replacement of the carbon fiber seam around the paddle’s edge with a carbon fiber grid structure.

This grid structure provides some breathability to the paddle, which is crucial for releasing built-up heat during the high-temperature thermoforming manufacturing process. This adjustment helps prevent common durability issues associated with thermoforming, like delamination, core problems, and bonding failures.

The R3 Nova, shape is square top and is an elongated pickleball paddle as compare to the R1 Nova which is more of a hybrid shape paddle. Both paddles share common dimensions, featuring 5.5-inch handles and 16.12-inch lengths. The light blue edge guard adds a distinctive and attractive touch to the paddle’s appearance. The weight distribution that sets these paddles apart, with the R3 offering a slightly higher swing weight and superior twist weight compared to its predecessor.

The R3 Nova has a relatively high swing at 120, and the twist weight of 6.15. I found the R3 Nova to be quite maneuverable for an elongated paddle. The paddle’s stability, sweet spot, and power perform admirably at its standard weight.

Ronbus has made some minor modifications to the angle and density of the edge grid structure with the R3 Nova and the latest R1 Nova batches. This change aims to make the paddle more responsive for gentle touch shots while providing stiffness for powerful shots.

In terms of performance, the R3 Nova offers slightly less power compared to the R3 Pulsar. It has a stiffer and more responsive feel than the Pulsar and R1 Nova, and it excels in terms of control, surpassing the R1 Nova and Pulsar.

What stands out to me the most about the R3 Nova is its crisp and responsive surface combined with excellent control for softer shots. It allows me to generate great pop at the net during fast exchanges while maintaining precision on touch shots.

Performance Rating of the Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle

Let see How this New Ronbus R3 Nova performs on the court as compare to R1 Nova.


Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

The 5.5″ octagonal handle of the Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle sets a new standard for paddle handles. It strikes a perfect balance, catering to most players’ two-handed backhands, and feels exceptionally comfortable in hand. The 4.125″ circumference is an ideal size range, accommodating players with smaller hands and allowing for customization with overgrips for a different feel or added thickness.

Weight and Balance

Given its elongated design, the R3 Nova tends to lean towards the heavier side in comparison to its R1 counterpart. My R3 Nova weighed in at 8.1 ounces, slightly heavier than the R1 Nova at 7.7 ounces. Personally, I prefer the slightly heavier feel of the R3 Nova, finding it to be well-balanced without leaning excessively towards head-heaviness.

Contacting the Ball

The changes in the edge grid structure of the R3 Nova have a noticeable impact on how it feels when making contact with the ball. Surprisingly, the paddle exhibits exceptional touch on soft shots, surpassing my initial expectations, despite being marginally stiffer than other Ronbus models.

When it comes to blocks, counters, and punch volleys, the paddle face crisps up, delivering a satisfying and poppy response. However, it’s worth noting that the dwell time is slightly less compared to the R3 Pulsar, affecting serves and deep drives.

The R3 Nova strikes a fine balance between varying levels of stiffness, providing a plush feel when needed and a crisper, powerful response for more aggressive shots. While it does lean towards the stiffer side, I’ve found that it enhances my overall touch and control.

Power and Pop

The R3 Nova truly shines in the power department, thanks to its thermoformed construction. It’s immensely satisfying to unleash potent serves and drives with this elongated shape.

The pop it delivers is not only impressive but also controlled, ensuring that hard-hitting speed-ups, counters, and putaways have the desired impact.

Compared to the R1 Nova, the R3 Nova packs an even more powerful punch. The elongated shape contributes to a higher sweet spot and increased torque, offering a performance edge. While the R3 Nova is slightly outperformed in raw power by its similarly elongated counterpart, the R3 Pulsar, the difference is marginal and primarily noticeable in serves and baseline drives.


The control and touch game of the R3 Nova are nothing short of exceptional, especially considering its relatively stiff thermoformed construction. Drops, dinks, and resets feel natural, requiring minimal adjustment. Transitioning to the net with the R3 Nova has been a seamless experience, showcasing its finesse in controlling the pace of the game.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot and stability of the R3 Nova truly stand out. The sweet spot feels large and consistent, even surpassing the performance of the R3 Pulsar, which is already known for its excellent sweet spot. With a higher twist weight than the R1 Nova, the paddle offers remarkable stability, forgiving off-center hits and ensuring that shots stay in play.


Ronbus paddles have a well-earned reputation for delivering top-tier spin performance, and the R3 Nova is no exception. Its spin output rivals the best in Ronbus’s lineup, potentially even surpassing the Pulsar series by a small margin.

The paddle enables effortless shaping of shots, maximizing your ability to deliver high-spin shots that keep opponents on their toes. Whether it’s topspin serves, slice/chop returns, or spin dinks, the R3 Nova proves to be a deadly weapon in your arsenal.


With a swing weight of 120, the R3 Nova may not be the nimblest paddle on the market. The R1 Nova, in comparison, offers noticeably quicker maneuverability. However, the R3 Nova still maintains a level of agility that allows for quick play and doesn’t feel hindered by its weight.

The changes in the carbon fiber grid structure contribute to a different kind of aerodynamics, giving the paddle a feel that might make it play lighter than its actual weight and shape. For players who value hand speed and maneuverability, the R1 Nova might be a preferable option, but the R3 Nova still holds its own.


Durability is a standout feature of the Nova series. Ronbus’s Gen. 3 production methods have resulted in a paddle that is structurally robust and highly resistant to failures. The chances of encountering issues like core crushing or delamination with the Nova are incredibly slim.


At $180, the R3 Nova offers exceptional value for a premium paddle. Its high-level performance and durability rival, if not surpass, paddles that often come with a much higher price tag. If you’re looking for a paddle that delivers in both performance and longevity, the R3 Nova is a solid choice.

Final Thoughts on the Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle Review

Overall, the Ronbus R3 Nova Paddle stands out as an excellent choice for the majority of players. It boasts a distinctive crisp surface that strikes a fine balance between power, pop, and exceptional control for finesse shots.

The paddle’s unique blend of softness and precision touch ensures you’re in complete control when you need it most. When it’s time to unleash a high-powered drive, the R3 Nova doesn’t disappoint, harnessing its stiff power for impressive results.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on your specific preferences and playing style. If you’re already a fan of Ronbus paddles, especially the original R1.16 or the R3 Pulsar, or simply prefer the elongated shape, I highly recommend getting your hands on the R3 Nova. You can expect significantly enhanced control compared to the Pulsar, and with a little added weight, it can even rival the power. Personally it is closely rivaled by the Six Zero Double Black Diamond, which is my favorite thermoformed control-oriented paddle.

On the other hand, if you prioritize hand speed and maneuverability over sheer power and reach, the lighter R1 Nova might be a better fit for you. The latest batches of R1s incorporate the same recent innovations with the Gen. 3 carbon edge grid structure, promising even better performance than previous versions.

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that durability won’t be a concern with the Nova. Unlike some thermoformed paddles I reviewed six months ago, which required durability disclaimers, the Nova is built to withstand the rigors of play without core crushing or delamination. It’s a testament to the advancements made in paddle technology, providing players with a reliable and long-lasting tool on the court. So, you can play with confidence, knowing that your paddle is up to the challenge. Avatar

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