Tyson McGuffin Net Worth | Paddle | Age | Wife

Tyson McGuffin Net Worth | Paddle | Age | Wife

Born in Lake Chelan, Washington on Dec 16, 1989 Tyson McGuffin is an American professional pickleball player. Renowned for his agility on the court, amazing get backs, and defensive returns Tyson McGuffin net worth is approximately $2 million. He is currently ranked No. 3 in the world for singles, No. 6 in the world for mixed doubles, and No. 11 in the world for Men’s Doubles by the Pro Pickleball Association.

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Let’s jump right in and see how Tyson McGuffin explore pickleball and what made him one of the great athlete in pickleball.

Tyson McGuffin Bio and Early Life

Name: – Tyson McGuffin

Father’s Name: – David McGuffin, was a professional tennis player from the USA.

Native City: – Lake Chelan, Washington

Presently Resides: – Rathdrum, Idaho, USA

Nationality: – American

Born: – 16th December 1989

Height: – 5 ft. 10 inches (155.5 centimeters)

Weight: –74.8 kg (165 Pound)

Turned Pro: – 2016

Plays: – Right-handed

Wife’s Name: – Megan

Children: – Four (Three Sons and One Daughter)

Education: – Graduation from Scottsdale, Washington.

Net Worth: – Approximately $2 million.

Instagram: – https://www.instagram.com/tysonmcguffin/

Facebook: – https://www.facebook.com/tysonmcguffin/

YouTube Channel: – https://www.youtube.com/@TysonMcGuffinPickleball/

Twitter: – https://twitter.com/TysonMcGuffin

Website: – https://tysonmcguffin.com/

Paddle: – Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta

His Sponsors: –Selkirk, Skechers, Ultimate Rapair X, CNP and Beamer Group

Tyson McGuffin’s DUPR Rating: – 6.68

Tyson McGuffin Net Worth

Tyson McGuffin comes from a family of athletes. His dad was into wrestling, and his mom was a tennis player. Tyson got into both sports early on and did really well.

When he was a kid, Tyson got into wrestling and loved it. He trained hard and became one of the best wrestlers in the state when he was in high school. He qualified for the state tournament multiple times and even placed in the top three.

But Tyson was also great at tennis. He started playing tennis when he was about 10 and won two state titles in high school. He was so good at tennis that he chose a tennis scholarship over a wrestling scholarship.

After finishing high school, Tyson went to Scottsdale Community College, where he played tennis. He did really well there, becoming a two-time All-American and SEC Player of the Year.

Tyson’s early life was all about sports, and his success in wrestling and tennis set the stage for his later achievements in pickleball.

As for his tennis career, Tyson played at Scottsdale Community College for two years. Then, he went pro and made it into the top 1500 on the ATP men’s tour and became the Head Tennis Pro at the Yakima Tennis Club.

Tyson McGuffin Wife and Family

When Tyson isn’t busy playing or teaching pickleball, he’s with his biggest fans, his family. Tyson is married to Megan McGuffin, and they have four wonderful kids. One of his kids, Skyler, has special needs, and this journey has taught Tyson a lot about being patient and growing as a person.

They live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and love being outdoors. Tyson really likes fishing, so he often takes his family on fishing trips. They also enjoy hiking and camping together.

Tyson isn’t just about family; he also helps out in the community. He volunteers for youth sports programs and other events.

Tyson McGuffin Professional Career

Tyson McGuffin is a really good pickleball player. He’s won a lot of championships and is respected by many people who play the game.

Tyson was a tennis player, but a friend introduced him to pickleball. He loved how fast and exciting pickleball was, so he started playing in local tournaments. In 2016, he won his first big title.

Since then, Tyson has won many singles and doubles championships. He’s been a champ at the US Open Pickleball Championships multiple times, also winning gold at the Tournament of Champions and the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships.

Tyson’s success hasn’t just made him famous; it’s also helped pickleball become more popular. He’s a role model for people who want to play pickleball, and he even coaches other players. Tyson’s not just good at playing; he’s also doing a lot to help others get better at the game.

Tyson has deals with sponsors who pay him and endorse him. He’s also an ambassador for Pickleball for All, a charity that helps kids who might not have a lot of opportunities to play pickleball. Tyson’s work with this charity is making more people aware of pickleball and helping out kids who need it.

Tyson has won a bunch of tournaments. In 2018, he won the Men’s Singles Pro Division at the US Open and also the Men’s Doubles Pro Division with his friend Matt Wright. The next year, he won the Men’s Singles Pro Division again.

In 2021, he won the Men’s Doubles Pro Division at the Atlanta Open with his partner Ben Johns. He’s won a lot more tournaments too, showing that he’s one of the best pickleball players around.

Tyson McGuffin really loves coaching, and he’s got certifications from IPTPA and PPR to prove he’s good at it. He used to be the Head Tennis Pro at the Yakima Tennis Club for six years, but now he’s all about Pickleball coaching. Tyson runs different coaching projects like Tyson McGuffin Signature PB Camps and TM PB Coaching. He also has a podcast called The Tyson McGuffin Show.

Tyson’s not always playing alone. He’s teamed up with great players like Ben Johns, Matt Wright, and Kyle Yates for doubles. He’s also played mixed doubles with Simone Jardim, one of the best female pickleball players. These partnerships have helped Tyson win a lot of tournaments and prove that he’s a top player in the sport.

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Tyson McGuffin Net Worth

Tyson McGuffin has done really well in pickleball, and that success has brought in a lot of money. People estimate that he’s worth around $2 million. Most of this money comes from his amazing performances in pickleball, getting support from big companies like Wilson and Franklin Sports.

Tyson doesn’t just get money from sponsorships; he also earns a good amount from winning tournaments. In 2019, he did something big by winning both the singles and doubles events at the US Open Pickleball Championships. This win earned him a cool $25,000 in prize money.

Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Paddle

Tyson McGuffin currently uses the Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air Invikta paddle as his signature paddle. He began using this paddle after signing a sponsorship deal with Selkirk.

Tyson McGuffin Net Worth

On June 15, 2023, in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Selkirk Sport, the top pickleball brand, happily announces the launch of the new Tyson McGuffin Signature Vanguard Power Air Invikta paddle. This fresh paddle is all about providing players with the best combination of power and spin, and it comes in a lively gold and white design, reflecting Tyson McGuffin’s energetic style on the court.

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta is the result of more than two years of collaboration with Tyson McGuffin, who is among the best pickleball players globally. This paddle is made to meet the changing needs of both power and spin players as pickleball continues to grow and attract diverse players.

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