Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Review in 2023

Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Review in 2023

Welcome to my Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Review! As someone who loves playing pickleball, I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this paddle. The Newfit Blur graphite pickleball paddle has truly impressed me, and in this review, I’ll explain why.

From its sleek design to the impressive performance on the court, I’ll cover all the essential aspects that make this paddle stand out. So, if you’re curious about the Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle and how it can elevate your game, keep reading to find out more!

Technical Specification of Newfit Blur Graphite Pickleball Paddle:

Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Review


  • Average Weight: 7.3oz – 8.0oz
  • Weight Range: 8.0oz
  • Grip Style: cushion, perforated
  • Grip Length: 5″
  • Paddle Length: 15.4″
  • Paddle Width: 7.75″
  • Edge Guard: Thin-line overlapping edge
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4 inches
  • Material:
  • Face: Graphite
  • Core: Polymer (Advanced Honeycomb Core)
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber/Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 7.3 – 8.0 ounces (approximate)
  • Length: Standard Pickleball Paddle Length
  • Width: Standard Pickleball Paddle Width
  • Edge Guard: Low Profile Edge Guard
  • USAPA Approved: Yes

Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Review:

Let’s take a closer look at the newfit blur graphite pickleball paddle.

Newfit Blur Graphite Paddle Face:

The Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle boasts a top-notch graphite face that takes your game to the next level. The graphite material is known for its exceptional responsiveness, offering players the perfect pop and feel they desire during every shot.

Whether you’re executing powerful drives or delicate dinks, the graphite face delivers precise control and a satisfying contact with the ball. Its impressive reactivity enhances your gameplay, giving you the confidence to take on any opponent.

Newfit Blur Graphite Paddle Core:

Underneath that exceptional graphite face lies the heart of the Newfit Blur – the advanced honeycomb core. This core is optimized for striking power, providing players with the ability to deliver powerful shots while maintaining control. The honeycomb design contributes to a great sweet spot, making it easier to hit the ball with accuracy and consistency.

What’s more, this advanced core also plays a role in reducing sound on the court, ensuring a quiet and focused playing experience. Whether you’re a power player or finesse expert, the Newfit Blur’s honeycomb core will undoubtedly elevate your pickleball game.

Newfit Blur Paddle Handle and Grip:

A comfortable and secure grip is essential for maintaining control and reducing fatigue during long pickleball matches. The Newfit Blur excels in this aspect with its ergonomic grip, inlaid with specially formulated cushioning. The cushioned grip not only dampens vibrations from powerful shots but also reduces hand fatigue, enabling you to play comfortably for extended periods.

Moreover, the grip’s design is long enough to accommodate both men’s and women’s hands, boasting an ideal circumference of 4.25 inches. This thoughtfully engineered grip ensures a firm hold on the paddle, giving you the confidence to take charge of the game.

Newfit Blur Paddle Dimensions and Weight:

The Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle is crafted with precision, ensuring optimal dimensions and weight for an enjoyable playing experience. Its standard pickleball paddle length and width offer familiar handling to players of all levels. The paddle’s weight falls within the popular range of 7.3 to 8.0 ounces, striking the right balance between power and control.

This perfect weight distribution allows you to maneuver the paddle with ease, whether you’re at the net or playing from the baseline. Furthermore, the low profile edge guard not only protects the paddle but also contributes to its overall balanced feel.

Performance Rating of Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle:

Power: Impressive Strength (6.5/10)

The Newfit Blur may not seem too strong when you first hold it, but don’t be fooled. It packs a surprising punch with great power all over the court, even delivering impressive put-away shots. It feels a bit lighter than other paddles, especially the 8.0oz version, because of how the weight is distributed.

Control: Excellent Ball Handling (7/10)

Among paddles in the $40 – $50 price range, the Newfit Blur excels in ball control. Its softer feel allows for precise handling, whether you’re up close or at a distance. It retains essential control aspects often missing in cheaper paddles. Although it’s not on par with top-tier paddles. make sure to check out paddletek bantam and selkirk best paddle on our website.

Forgiveness: Boosting Player Confidence (7/10)

The Newfit Blur’s forgiveness gives players the confidence to hit their shots without worry. This is something missing in many cheaper paddles. A more forgiving paddle lets players perform at their best without fearing the ball going astray. Among budget paddles, the Newfit Blur is one of the most forgiving, allowing players to hit shots with confidence and without fearing dead spots.

Overall: Light, Powerful, and Affordable

The Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle offers a well-rounded performance with its unique features. Although it feels light and inexpensive when you first hold it, it shines on the court in all aspects of the game. Its balanced combination of power and control lets players unleash their full potential. In its budget-friendly price range, the Newfit Blur stands out as one of the top choices for beginners.

Some Pros of Newfit Blur Graphite Pickleball Paddle:

  • Powerful in its budget
  • Very lightweight
  • Great grip
  • An Excellent Budget category
  • Also best for kids and small hands players
  • Also suitable for women

Some Cons of Newfit Blur Graphite Pickleball Paddle:

  • Lack of spin
  • Inexpensive look

About Newfit:

NewFit, a family-owned business in Larkspur, CA, is driven by a passion for pickleball. Their BLUR pickleball paddle, designed in the USA, offers the perfect mix of benefits with a graphite face and polymer honeycomb core. They also created TRUE pickleballs for lively play within USAPA guidelines. Join their journey to elevate your pickleball experience.

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Final Thoughts:

The Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle is a great budget paddle, that offers a perfect balance of power and control. Its graphite face delivers an impressive pop, while the advanced honeycomb core ensures striking power and a generous sweet spot.

The paddle’s soft feel enables precise ball handling, making it one of the best in its price range for control. With its forgiving nature, players can confidently take shots without fear.

Despite its budget-friendly price, the Newfit Blur performs exceptionally well, making it an excellent choice for players of all levels.

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