Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review – Best Pickleball Guide

Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review – Best Pickleball Guide

Today, we’re going to review the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm paddle. Vatic Pro has been making quite a splash in the world of pickleball. They burst onto the scene in 2023 with two impressive paddles – the thermoformed Vatic Pro V7 and Vatic Pro Flash, which are known for their quality and affordability.

Now, they’ve introduced a new line called Prism, which is an updated version of their original paddles. While the Prism paddles share the same size and surface features as their predecessors, they’re made using a slightly different process. This results in a paddle that’s a bit softer and easier to control, offering a different playing experience.

In this review, we’ll be delving into the details of the Vatic Pro Prism V7 paddle. I’ve also reviewed its counterpart, the Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm, Vatic Pro Flash 14mm and Vatic Pro V7 make sure to check them out.

Now, let’s jump right into the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm review.

Technical Specifications for Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Paddle Core thickness: 16mm
  • Paddle Face: Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Average weight: 8.2-8.5 oz
  • Grip length: 5.3″
  • Swing Weight: 120-123
  • Edge foam: Yes
  • Grip size: 4.25″
  • Grip Circumference – 4.125 Inches
  • Paddle Core: C7 Polymer performance honeycomb
  • Total length: 16.5″
  • Paddle with Width: 7.5″
  • Unibody Foam Inject Walls
  • Grip has polyurethane to help with tennis elbow
  • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU

Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review

Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review

The Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm paddle stands as a significant and impressive newcomer in the world of pickleball. With its unique construction and features, this paddle is making waves in the market. We’ll cover everything from its design and feel to its performance and value.

The Vatic Pro Prism V7 maintains the same design and size as the original Vatic Pro V7, but it brings in a fresh production method. It features high-quality Toray T700 carbon fiber on the surface and incorporates perimeter foam-injection, setting it apart from its competitors. Let’s break down its key attributes.

V7 16mm Paddle Face

The face of the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm paddle is constructed using high-quality Toray T700 carbon fiber. This choice of material is a testament to Vatic Pro’s commitment to providing players with a durable and reliable pickleball paddle.

Toray T700 carbon fiber is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for sports equipment like pickleball paddles. This robust material ensures that the paddle face can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, including powerful shots and quick volleys at the net.

The use of Toray T700 carbon fiber in the paddle face also contributes to the overall responsiveness of the paddle. Players can expect a consistent and lively feel when making contact with the ball, allowing for precise shots and controlled play.

V7 16mm Paddle Core

One of the standout features of the Vatic Pro Prism V7 is its unibody foam-injected walls. This innovative construction method sets the paddle apart from others in its class.

The foam-injected walls run along the entire perimeter of the paddle, providing additional reinforcement and stability. This not only enhances the paddle’s durability but also contributes to a more even distribution of weight.

The unibody design ensures that the paddle core is solid and seamless, minimizing the risk of common issues such as core crush or delamination. This translates to a paddle that maintains its performance over extended periods of play, giving players the confidence to execute their best shots.

V7 Dimensions and Weight

Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review

The Vatic Pro Prism V7 maintains the same dimensions as the original Vatic Pro V7, providing players with a familiar paddle shape. With a total length of 16.5 inches and a width of 7.5 inches, the paddle offers a balanced combination of reach and coverage on the court.

In terms of weight, the Prism V7 falls within the range of 8.3 to 8.5 ounces. This places it on the slightly heavier side compared to the Flash version. The weight distribution and balance have been carefully designed to create an optimal sweet spot, allowing players to achieve a harmonious blend of power and control in their gameplay.

V7 Handle and Grip

Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm Review

The handle of the Vatic Pro Prism V7 features a circumference of four and a quarter inches, providing a comfortable grip for players of various hand sizes. The handle length, measuring 5.3 inches, strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability, allowing for effective two-handed backhands when needed.

The handle shape is ergonomically designed, offering players a secure and natural hold on the paddle. It’s worth noting that the handle is fully sealed, ensuring that there are no exposed elements that could compromise its integrity over time.

For those who prefer to customize their grip, the Prism V7 offers the option to add an overgrip. However, many players find that the paddle’s default grip offers an excellent combination of comfort and control right out of the box.

Overall, the Vatic Pro Prism V7 excels in its paddle face construction, utilizing top-tier Toray T700 carbon fiber. The unibody foam-injected walls contribute to durability and weight distribution, striking a balance that enhances performance. With carefully considered dimensions, weight, and handle design, the Prism V7 is poised to deliver an exceptional playing experience for pickleball enthusiasts at all levels.

Let’s talk about the performance of Vatic pro prism v7 16mm.

Performance Rating of Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm

When it comes to evaluating a pickleball paddle, performance is the key factor that can make or break a player’s experience on the court. In this section, we’ll provide a detailed performance rating for the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm paddle, breaking down its strengths and areas where it shines.

Power and Pop

The Prism V7 strikes a balance between power and pop, offering players a paddle that packs a punch without sacrificing control.

Its construction with Toray T700 carbon fiber contributes to its impressive power, allowing players to execute powerful shots with confidence.

While it may not match the sheer power of some Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles, it certainly holds its own, making it a versatile choice for players seeking a well-rounded playing experience.


One of the standout features of the Prism V7 is its exceptional control. The unibody foam-injected walls contribute to a solid and stable feel, ensuring that players have a high degree of command over their shots. Whether it’s executing precise dinks, accurate resets, or controlled volleys at the net, this paddle consistently delivers. The large sweet spot also minimizes mishits, giving players the confidence to play with finesse.


For players who value spin in their gameplay, the Prism V7 does not disappoint. It allows for effective spin generation and manipulation, giving players the ability to add that extra element of unpredictability to their shots. Whether it’s putting a wicked spin on serves or delivering tricky slices, the Prism V7 proves to be a top-tier contender in the spin department.

Hand Speed

Despite falling within the mid-weight category, the Prism V7 exhibits impressive hand speed. This makes it well-suited for players looking to engage in quick volleys at the net or respond swiftly to fast-paced plays. The balance and weight distribution contribute to its maneuverability, ensuring that players can transition between shots with ease.


The unibody construction and innovative foam-injected walls make the Prism V7 a durable and reliable choice. It’s designed to withstand the demands of intense gameplay, including powerful shots and regular use. Players can expect this paddle to maintain its performance over extended periods, providing excellent value for its investment.

Overall Performfance

Taking into account its power, control, spin capabilities, hand speed, and durability, the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm paddle earns a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating. Its balanced approach to power and control, coupled with its spin-friendly nature, make it a standout choice for players of various skill levels. Additionally, its durability ensures that it will be a reliable companion on the court for the long haul.

Overall, the Prism V7 combines the best of both worlds, offering a paddle that excels in various aspects of performance.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a paddle that provides room for growth or an experienced player seeking a reliable and versatile option, the Prism V7 is certainly worth considering.

Its impressive performance rating solidifies its position as a top contender in the pickleball paddle market.

Should You Buy the Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm?

The Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm is a standout pickleball paddle that offers a balanced combination of power, control, and durability.

It’s a versatile choice suitable for players of various skill levels, making it a worthy addition to your pickleball gear.

The Prism V7 strikes an impressive balance between power and control. With its construction using high-quality Toray T700 carbon fiber, it delivers a punch in your shots while still providing the finesse needed for precise plays.

This balance is crucial, especially for players who want to confidently deliver powerful shots without sacrificing control over the game.

Spin is an essential element in any pickleball player’s arsenal, and the Prism V7 doesn’t disappoint. It allows players to effectively generate and manipulate spin, giving you the edge in those critical moments on the court.

Whether it’s serving up spin-heavy serves or adding spin to your volleys, the Prism V7 proves itself as a top-tier contender.

Constructed with unibody foam-injected walls, the Prism V7 is built to last. It’s designed to withstand the demands of intense gameplay, ensuring that it remains a reliable companion on the court for an extended period.

This durability not only adds to the paddle’s longevity but also provides excellent value for its investment.

Best Paddle Under $100

One of the most compelling aspects of the Prism V7 is its affordability. Priced at under $100, it offers exceptional quality without breaking the bank.

This makes it a fantastic option for players who want a high-performance paddle without the premium price tag.

In fact, the Prism V7 stands out as one of the best pickleball paddles you can find under $100, providing an excellent combination of value and performance.

If you’re in the market for high-quality paddles, The Legacy Pro and Double Black Diamond 16mm and Ronbus are both noteworthy options that cater to different playing styles and preferences. These paddles offer unique features and characteristics that might align perfectly with your playing style. Avatar

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