Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review – Best Pickleball Paddles

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review – Best Pickleball Paddles

Welcome to the world of pickleball, where the Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm is causing quite a stir. In a nutshell this paddle is a true game-changer. Vatic came in to scene in 2023 with it two high quality thermoformed paddle the Vatic Pro V7 and Vatic Pro Flash.

And now Vatic has released its prism line and yes they are one the best pickleball paddles price point. Heard people comparing it to Joola Hyperion, this paddle is all about pushing the boundaries with its unique edge foam construction, providing a perfect blend of flexibility and power.

Priced at a mere hundred dollars and with a discount even under $100, the Vatic Pro Prism Flash boasts a 16mm polymer core, complemented by a raw carbon fiber face.

It comes in two distinct shapes: the hybrid Prism and the elongated V7 (which we have also covered in detail), both featuring comfortable 5.3-inch handle lengths and grip sizes of 4.25 inches.

With a swing weight of 114 for the Flash and 128 for the V7, it offers a balance between stability and weight, catering to various player preferences. Yes, you heard it right the V7 has a swing weight of 128 which is very high as the original Joola Hyperion when it launched. The RPM is 1940s making it one of the best pickleball paddle for spin price point.

The sweet spot on both versions is truly exceptional, ensuring a forgiving and precise playing experience.

As we dive deeper into this Vatic Pro Flash 16mm Review, we’ll dissect every aspect of this remarkable paddle, discussing its control, power, and much more in detail. So, stay tuned to discover why this paddle is making waves in the pickleball community.

Technical Specifications of Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm

  • Paddle weight: 7.9–8.2 oz
  • Paddle length: 16 ⅓ in
  • Paddle width: 7 ⅔ in
  • Handle length: 5 ⅓ in
  • Grip circumference: 4 ⅛”
  • Paddle face material: Raw Toray T700 carbon fiber
  • Core material: Polymer honeycomb
  • Edge guard: Anti-abrasion TPU
  • Core thickness: 16 mm
  • Sweet spot size: Medium
  • USAPA Approved
  • Edge foam: Yes
  • Paddle Shape: Hybrid
  • Warranty: 3-month

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

Vatic set out to create a version of their JOOLA Hyperion paddle, offering similar advantages but at a fraction of the cost. The Prism achieves this by incorporating edge foam technology, providing players with enhanced control without the steep price tag associated with thermo-formed paddles.

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Paddle Face

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review


The face of the Vatic Pro Prism Flash paddle is constructed with raw carbon fiber setting it apart from conventional paddles in its price range.

This material choice not only enhances durability but also contributes to its impressive performance on the court.

The seamless integration of edge foam technology ensures that players can experience heightened control without the premium price tag typically associated with thermo-formed paddles.

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Paddle Core

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

At the core of the Vatic Prism Flash 16mm lies a polymer core. It also comes in 14mm which we will talk about later, and will be comparing vatic pro prism flash 14mm vs 16mm.

This core material strikes a harmonious balance between responsiveness and stability, making it an ideal choice for players seeking precise control over their shots. It’s more like a control oriented paddle.

The polymer core is the driving force behind the paddle’s exceptional performance, ensuring that it can hold its own against pricier competitors.

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Dimensions and Weight

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm is meticulously designed with player comfort and performance in mind.

With a thickness of 16mm, it strikes a perfect balance, allowing for optimal playability without compromising on power. The power is not as much as some of the high price paddles have. But still it’s enough for if you compare it with the best paddles comes under $100.

The paddle comes in two shapes: the versatile Prism (16.25-inch hybrid shape) and the elongated V7, catering to different playing styles.

The handle length of 5.3 inches and grip size of 4.25 inches ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of players.

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Handle and Grip

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

The handle of the Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

The 5.4-inch handle length is an unusual but commendable choice by Vatic Pro. This length strikes a balance between leverage for two-handed maneuvers and maintaining a well-proportioned head.

Additionally, the 4.25-inch standard grip size defies convention for thicker core paddles, enhancing overall comfort and control.

The grip size further enhances handling, ensuring that players can maintain a firm hold even during intense rallies.

This thoughtful design element translates to improved performance and confidence in every swing.

The Swing Weight Dilemma of Vatic Pro Prism Flash

One of the most notable distinctions between the Prism models is their swing weight.

The Prism, at 114, strikes a balance that caters to a wide range of players.

On the other hand, the V7’s swing weight of 128 might be too hefty for most, making The Flash the preferable choice for the majority of players, especially those concerned about tennis elbow.

Performance Rating of Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm is a paddle that stands out in the “Gen 1.5” category, offering advancements beyond Gen. 1 paddles while providing greater control compared to the stiffer Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles that are gaining popularity in 2023.

Control and Playstyle

Categorized as a control paddle, the Prism Flash was previously considered an all-court paddle due to its edge-foam injections, offering more power than Gen. 1 paddles.

However, with the rise of Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles, it now falls into the softer control paddle category.

Comparison of Joola Hyperion CFS

One intriguing aspect of the Prism Flash is its similarity to the Joola Hyperion CFS. Both play very similarly and share a similar manufacturing process. But the Hyperion is more crisp and powerful.

Despite some similarities, the Hyperion is priced at $220, while the Prism paddles are available at $99.99.

This raises the question of whether the Prisms can truly compete with the Hyperion at such a lower price point.


The Hyperion has been known for durability concerns, particularly with handle breakage and paddle face wear.

The Prism’s unibody construction and high-end raw t700 carbon fiber face ensure durability.

Weight and Balance:

The Hyperion, especially early releases, tends to be head-heavy, potentially leading to tennis elbow symptoms.

The Prism Flash is lighter and better balanced, offering improved maneuverability.

This favorable comparison positions the Prism Flash as an exceptional deal for a $99 paddle.

It’s arguably one of the best value-for-money paddles available.

Grip Feel and Handle

Handle Shape: The octagonal-shaped handle is similar to Ronbus and Six Zero paddles, favored by many players. It’s not overly bulky at 4.25″ thick and lacks exposed polymer, a significant bonus for a sub-$100 paddle.

Handle Length: With a 5.3″ handle, the Prism Flash is elongated, allowing for comfortable two-handed backhands. The narrow neck taper enables comfortable choking up on the paddle.

Weight Distribution

Balanced: The Prism Flash is well-balanced, eliminating the need for additional lead tape adjustments. Unlike the head-heavy Hyperion, it offers a comfortable playing experience with reduced strain on the wrist and elbows.

Soft and Responsive: The Prism Flash provides a soft and responsive feel, similar to the Ronbus R1.16 and Hyperion CFS. It offers excellent feedback for controlled shots, including drops, dinks, and resets.


Moderate Power: While not a powerhouse, the Prism series doesn’t disappoint in the power department. It surpasses earlier carbon fiber paddles, offering a decent pop.

What truly sets it apart is its impressive spin ratings, generating around 2000 RPMs. This capability facilitates aggressive plays like dipping drive serves and assertive roll volleys.

The Prism Flash offers slightly more power than Gen. 1 paddles but less than thermoformed paddles. While not as potent as thermoforms, it compensates with exceptional control and spin.


Top-Tier Spin: The Prism Flash excels in generating spin, reaching RPMs close to 2,000. This high level of spin enhances various aspects of the game, from serves to net play.


Control-Oriented: The Prism Flash prioritizes control over power. It’s noticeably softer than Vatic’s original and Alchemy lines, making it ideal for drops, dinks, blocks, and resets. The forgiving sweet spot enhances accuracy.

With their 16-millimeter cores and plush texture, both models fall into the category of control paddles. This characteristic makes it easier to absorb the pace off the ball and exert control over the game’s tempo.

During the initial drill session, the reviewer effortlessly executed accurate thirds and precise resets – a testament to the paddles’ ball-controlling prowess. This feature proves especially beneficial for players seeking to minimize pop-ups during gameplay.

Hand Speed

Aerodynamic Shape: The Prism Flash’s aerodynamic shape supports rapid hand speed, offering maneuverability comparable to head-heavy paddles.

The solid and stable feel of the paddles is one of their standout features. Even in windy conditions, there was no sense of unnecessary mishits, underscoring a robust sweet spot akin to the CFS 16.

This quality is a boon for players who demand consistency in their performance.


Unibody Construction: The unibody design ensures durability, preventing common issues like handle breakage. The high-quality carbon fiber face further contributes to its robustness.

Vatic Pro Prism Flash Vs Pro Prism V7 16mm

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

Both the Prism V7 and Prism Flash paddles deliver an experience reminiscent of the popular Hyperion CFS 16.

The Prism V7, however, stands out with a shorter handle and slightly thinner grip, yet maintains that dense, plush feel.

It packs surprising power and mirrors the CFS 16’s higher swing weight of 128.

On the other hand, the Prism Flash, with its moderately low swing weight of 114, offers enhanced maneuverability, making it a preferred choice for players seeking agility.

Choosing Between Vatic Pro Prism Flash and Vatic Pro Prism V7 16mm

Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

The decision between the two models primarily hinges on weight preference. The Prism V7, with its added stability and heftier feel, caters to players who favor a solid paddle.

In contrast, the Prism Flash, with its greater maneuverability, appeals to those who seek agility in their gameplay.

Here I want to address the swing again. The swing weight on the prism V7 is very high making it less maneuverable and would be not the perfect choice for the players dealing with arthritis or tennis elbow. Here the Prism Flash would be more perfect for all type of players.

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Pros of Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm

  • Great spin
  • Great power
  • Stable Feel
  • Excellent Handle and Grip
  • Great Paddle price point
  • Comes with 3 months’ warranty
  • Uni-body design makes it durable
  • USAPA Approved

Cons of Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm

  • Medium Sweet Spot
  • Take some time to adjust due to hybrid shape

 Final thoughts on Vatic Pro Prism Flash 16mm Review

Hope you have liked our vatic prism flash review. It’s a clear winner, especially when you consider its price. Before Vatic pro prism flash, the Onix Z5 Graphite was considered the best pickleball paddle under $100. But now, the Prism Flash has taken the lead.

This paddle gives you a great balance of control and spin. It’s not too heavy, and it’s built to last. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the Prism Flash has a lot to offer. Plus, it’s much more affordable than some of the pricier paddles out there. Avatar

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