Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

Welcome to the Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review, where we’ll dive into the features and performance of this paddle. The Hudef Apex Pro is a versatile pickleball paddle, similar to its sibling, the Hudef Viva Pro(read full review) thermoformed paddle, and it’s available in two sizes, 14mm and 16mm.

What sets this paddle apart is its ability to offer variety. You can choose between the 14mm and 16mm sizes, with the 14mm option providing a slightly smaller grip. Surprisingly, the 14mm size offers a bit more power, which is unusual for a control paddle. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your gameplay, emphasizing control or adding some extra power as needed.

The paddle features a wide body face, measuring 7.9 inches in width and 16.06 inches in length. This design provides a generous sweet spot and enhances the control aspect of the paddle. The T700 raw carbon fiber face is another highlight, enabling you to add spin, top spin, and slices to your shots, giving you an edge over your opponents.

In addition to its performance features, Hudef also offers a limited lifetime warranty, a rare benefit in this price range, which makes also makes it a good contender for the best pickleball paddle under $100 list. With Hudef’s experience as a paddle producer, the Apex Pro stands out as one of the most cost-effective standard-shaped control paddles on the market.

The Hudef Apex Pro is a budget-friendly Gen. 1 “all court” pickleball paddle, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It excels in providing spin, control, and even some power, all while maintaining a standard paddle shape similar to popular options like the CRBN. With a wide face for a forgiving sweet spot and a low swing weight for quick maneuvering, the Hudef Apex Pro is a paddle that delivers great performance without breaking the bank.

So, let’s explore its features and performance in more detail in this Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review.

Technical Specifications of Hudef Apex Pro Paddle

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review


  • Shape: Standard + Wide Body
  • Core thickness: 14mm & 16mm
  • Swing Weight: 103(14mm), 112(16mm)
  • Twist Weight: 6.56(14mm), 6.92(16mm)
  • Face: T700 raw carbon fiber
  • Average weight: 7.8″ – 8.3″
  • Grip length: 4.9″
  • Swing Weight: 103 for 14mm, 112 for 16mm
  • Grip size: 4.125″ for 14mm, 4.25″ for 16mm
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Total length: 16.06″
  • Width: 7.9″
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • USAPA Approved

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

The Hudef Apex Pro is a Gen. 1 “all court” pickleball paddle that offers exceptional control, making it an ideal choice for beginners. This review delves into its various aspects to help you make an informed decision about this affordable paddle.

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Face: Premium T700 Carbon Fiber

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

The Hudef Apex Pro showcases a paddle face constructed from high-quality T700 carbon fiber. This material is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a popular choice for high-performance sports equipment. The tightly-woven weave pattern on the surface enhances spin performance, allowing players to exert precise control over their shots. This feature sets the Apex Pro apart in its price range, offering players a competitive edge in terms of spin capabilities.

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Core: Gen. 1 Raw Carbon Fiber

The core of the Apex Pro is crafted from Gen. 1 raw carbon fiber, a hallmark of paddles in its category. This core material provides a soft and buttery feel when making contact with the ball. While it may not deliver the same level of power as Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles, it excels in terms of control. Players will find the Apex Pro’s core to be responsive and reliable, especially in delicate shots such as dinks and drops.

Hudef Apex Pro Dimensions and Weight: Striking the Right Balance

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

The Apex Pro strikes a balance between width and length, offering a wide body face with dimensions of 7.9 inches in width and 16.06 inches in length. This configuration creates a forgiving sweet spot, providing players with a larger margin for error. Additionally, the paddle’s weight distribution is designed to optimize maneuverability. The Apex Pro is notably light, allowing players to move it swiftly, particularly at the net. This combination of dimensions and weight makes the paddle suitable for a wide range of playing styles.

Hudef Apex Pro Handle and Grip: Comfortable and Customizable

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

The Hudef Apex Pro features a standard grip that caters to various player preferences. The 14mm option offers a thinner grip at 4.125 inches, while the 16mm version provides a slightly thicker grip at 4.25 inches. Both options are designed with player comfort in mind, ensuring a secure hold during gameplay. However, it’s important to note that the handle length, at just under 5 inches, may limit the feasibility of executing two-handed backhands for some players. Despite this, the Apex Pro’s handle design contributes to its overall maneuverability and ease of use.

A Thoughtfully Designed Paddle

The Hudef Apex Pro stands out in its attention to detail in the construction of its paddle face, core, dimensions, weight, and handle. The utilization of premium T700 carbon fiber for the paddle face and Gen. 1 raw carbon fiber for the core showcases a commitment to delivering top-tier performance. The carefully balanced dimensions and weight make the Apex Pro versatile, catering to players with varying playing styles. Additionally, the customizable grip options ensure player comfort and control.

Performance Rating of the Hudef Apex Pro Paddle: A Comprehensive Analysis

When it comes to evaluating the performance of a pickleball paddle, several key aspects come into play. The Hudef Apex Pro paddle is no exception, offering a range of features that contribute to its overall performance on the court. Let’s delve into each of these performance factors in detail.

Hudef Apex Pro | Control

The Apex Pro excels in providing outstanding control, making it an excellent choice for players seeking precision in their gameplay. The combination of a wide paddle face and Gen. 1 raw carbon fiber core creates a forgiving sweet spot, giving players confidence in their shots. This level of control is particularly beneficial for players under 4.0 skill level, allowing them to execute delicate moves like dinking, blocking, and resetting with ease.

Hudef Apex Pro | Spin

One of the standout features of the Apex Pro is its impressive spin performance. The T700 carbon fiber surface, with its tightly-woven weave pattern, enables players to impart significant spin on the ball. This capability opens up a world of offensive and defensive shot possibilities, making it challenging for opponents to predict and counter your moves. With spin RPM numbers reaching around 1880, the Apex Pro competes favorably with higher-priced paddles in terms of spin generation.

Hudef Apex Pro | Power

While the Apex Pro doesn’t boast the same level of power as some of the more advanced thermoformed paddles, it strikes a balance that caters to a wide range of players. The 14mm version offers a slightly more powerful performance compared to the 16mm option, but both provide enough pop and power to compete effectively. Players can still drive the ball with force when needed, making the Apex Pro a versatile choice for various playing styles.

Hudef Apex Pro | Speed and Mobility

The Apex Pro’s low swing weight and lightweight construction contribute to its impressive speed and agility on the court. This paddle moves swiftly in hand, allowing for rapid volleys, blocks, and counters. Its shorter handle enhances maneuverability at the net, making it an excellent choice for players who value quick reflexes and responsiveness during fast-paced exchanges.

Hudef Apex Pro | Durability

Hudef’s reputation for producing reliable paddles is reflected in the Apex Pro. Even after enduring rigorous play, the paddle shows no signs of wear and tear. Its non-thermoformed construction minimizes the risk of delamination, disbonding, or core crushing, providing players with a paddle they can trust for the long haul. This durability ensures that the Apex Pro remains a reliable tool in your arsenal, match after match.

A Standout Performer under $100

The Hudef Apex Pro paddle impresses with its well-rounded performance across key factors like control, spin, power, speed, and durability. It strikes a balance that caters to a wide range of players, particularly those seeking precision and spin capabilities. With its solid construction and thoughtful design, the Apex Pro stands as a standout performer in its price range, offering players a competitive edge on the pickleball court.

The Apex clearly outperforms other commonly used beginner paddles within its price range, such as the Onix Z5 and the SLK EVO line and other paddles fall under $100. For those desiring a tad more power, Hudef’s Viva Pro, priced just $10 higher, is a recommended option. If you’re willing to invest a bit more for heightened control, consider exploring paddles like the Ronbus R1.16, Vatic Pro Prism V7, and Vatic Pro Prism Flash. These models feature longer handles, advantageous for players who employ two-handed backhand techniques.

Who Should Buy the Hudef Apex Pro:

Beginners and Novice Players: The Apex Pro’s excellent control and forgiving sweet spot make it an ideal choice for players who are still honing their skills. It allows for precise shots and helps build confidence on the court.

Players Seeking Control-Oriented Gameplay: If you prioritize control over power, the Apex Pro is a great fit. Its wide paddle face and soft touch make it well-suited for those who rely on finesse and placement in their game.

Players Emphasizing Spin: The tightly-woven T700 carbon fiber surface provides excellent spin capabilities. Players who rely on spin to shape their shots will appreciate the performance of the Apex Pro.

Players with Agile, Net-Focused Gameplay: The low swing weight and swift maneuverability of the Apex Pro make it a top choice for players who thrive at the net, engaging in fast-paced volleys and quick reflex plays.

Budget-Conscious Players: Given its affordable price point for the performance it offers, the Apex Pro is an excellent choice for players who want a high-quality paddle without breaking the bank.

Who Might Not Be the Best Fit for the Hudef Apex Pro:

Power Players: If your style of play heavily relies on overpowering opponents with fast, hard shots, you might find the Apex Pro lacking in the power department compared to some other paddles.

Players Preferring Thermoformed Paddles: If you’re accustomed to playing with thermoformed paddles and are specifically looking for their distinct feel and characteristics, the Apex Pro might not be the best choice for you.

Players with a Preference for Two-Handed Backhands: The shorter handle length of the Apex Pro might not be conducive to executing two-handed backhands comfortably. Players who rely on this technique might want to consider paddles with longer handles.

Players with Specific Weight and Size Preferences: Some players have very specific preferences when it comes to paddle weight and size. If you have particular requirements in this regard, it’s advisable to carefully consider whether the Apex Pro meets your criteria.

Final thoughts on Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review

In conclusion, the Hudef Apex Pro Paddle impresses with its exceptional control and spin capabilities, making it an excellent choice for beginners and players emphasizing finesse over power. Its forgiving sweet spot and budget-friendly price point add to its appeal. While power players may seek more punch, the Apex Pro’s well-rounded performance stands out in its class. For those seeking a reliable and affordable paddle, this Hudef Apex Pro Paddle review confirms its worthiness on the pickleball court. Avatar

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