Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

Hello and welcome to Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review. Six Zero came into the scene in late 2022 and quickly captured the hearts of many pickleball players in 2023.

As an evolution of the one of the most popular paddle 6 0 Double Black Diamond series, this paddle boasts a hybrid shape, measuring 16.3 inches in length, offering an optimal balance between reach and forgiveness.

Stay tuned as we will explore the features that set this paddle apart from the original double black diamond control, from its thermoformed design to the edgeless construction, providing players with an edge on the court. So let’s jump in.

Technical Specs of the 6 0 Double Black Diamond Infinity

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

Registered Approval Body: USA Pickleball

Paddle Face: Toray 700K Raw Carbon

Paddle Length: 16.3”

Paddle Width: 7.5” to 7.7”

Core Thickness: 16mm

Grip Length: 5.5”

Grip circumference: 4.25”

Average Weight:   8.2 ounces

Twist Weight: 5.9

Swing Weight: 110

USAPA Approved

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

The Double Black Diamond Control Infinity features a hybrid shape, which look similar to the Black Diamond Power, Double Black Diamond, Vatic Pro Flash and Ronbus R1.16, measuring 16.3 inches in length. This unique design strikes a balance between elongated and standard shapes, providing players with extended reach without compromising on forgiveness. The wider top adds an extra dimension, enhancing overall playability.

The Paddle has a same thermoformed design, mean it has carbon seam around the perimeter. It also has the foam injection and a Raw Carbon Fiber face same as the original Double Black Diamond. The grit on the Infinity is different compare to the original double black diamond. The infinity only comes in 16mm hope so in future there will be more models. The main difference between the original DBD and DBD infinity is that this paddle is edgeless and there is no edge guard of this paddle.

The looks of this paddle is really good. As per USAPA guidelines the paddle cannot exceed in length and width which includes the edge guard. So when you remove the edge guard you actually have more surface area to play with.

The Paddles come at a price of $220. You can use a promo code you easily get 10 percent off.

Swing Weight

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

Both paddles (the Orignal DBD and DBD Infinity) come in an average weight of 8.1oz but if we look at the swing weights of the DBD and DBD infinity there is a big difference. The original DBD has a swing weight of 115 and the DBD Infinity has a swing weight of 110. The swing weight on the DBD Infinity is very low for a 16mm thermoformed paddle means that this paddle is light and very maneuverable compared to the original double black diamond control 16mm.

Twist Weight

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle Review

The twist weight of the DBD infinity is 5.9, although lower than the original’s 6.72, means that this paddle has a slightly less stable feel out of the box, but the low swing weight makes it easily customizable by using lead tape around the paddle. The twist weight becomes a crucial factor in achieving a balance between stability and maneuverability.

Performance Rating of the Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity

Let’s take a look at the performance of the 6 0 double black diamond infinity and compare it with the original DBD.

Speed and Maneuverability

Many Players prefer a thicker core paddle for added control in their shots but these thicker core paddles are lack in speed compare to thinner core paddles like CRBN 1X or the Gearbox Pro Power which is also a edgeless paddle. The hallmark of the Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control Infinity Paddle lies in its surprising speed and exceptional maneuverability. It plays with the speed of 14mm paddle and control of 16mm due to its low swing weight.

Despite its 16.3-inch hybrid shape, the paddle defies the conventional notion that thicker core paddles compromise speed. Players will notice a distinct advantage in hand battles, with the Infiniti’s lightweight design allowing for quick, responsive movements on the court.

Another area where this paddle outshine is at risty shots when play backhand rolls and flicks. These shots are generally difficult to play if you don’t have stronger wrists strength to generate extra spins. But with the DBD infinity you can get this power and spin very easily.


While labelled as control paddle the original DBD has a lot of power right out of the box. The DBD Infinity lack some power which is due to low swing weight but still it’s a thermoformed paddle and has a nice pop and power but not as much as the original. But you can easily add a lead tape and increase a swing weight and the overall weight of this paddle.


Spin enthusiasts will find a new favorite in the Infiniti paddle. Averaging an impressive 280 RPMs in the spin test, this paddle excels in generating spin, especially on serves, drives and drops. The raw carbon face, with its smooth touch, delivers an unexpected level of bite, elevating your spin game to new heights.

Control and Feel Precision

The Infiniti paddle introduces a touch softer feel at impact, creating a nuanced playing experience compared to its predecessor, the original DBD 16mm. This softer feel, combined with subdued power, contributes to improved control on the court. Players accustomed to thermoform paddles will appreciate the refined touch, providing a familiar yet enhanced feel.

Recognizing the paddle’s unique characteristics, players can explore customization options to fine-tune control. The inclusion of lead tape allows for a personalized touch, addressing specific preferences without compromising the inherent maneuverability of the paddle.

Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot of the DBD Infinity is small in comparison to the original DBD which is particularly due to low twist weight. The sweet spot on this paddle is more comparable to the original DBD 14mm but with some addition of the lead tape it will be more friendly and less forgiving.

Final Thoughts on the 6 0 Double Black Diamond Infinity

So, if you want to know that the six zero double black diamond infinity is better than the original DBD, so here is my recommendation that both paddles are different and for different style of players. The original double black diamond has large sweet spot, more consistent, reliable and more pop and power compare to the infinity, which makes it suitable for players of all levels.  But the Infinity is more maneuverable and has more speed making it suitable for players who want to play creatively. Also there are some news that 6 0 is releasing more paddles and new shapes in the next month so stay tuned at viewpickleball.

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