Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

Six Zero’s Diamond line is one of the best pickleball paddles that comes in 2023. You can see many players have each of the diamond line paddle, the black diamond, the double black diamond and the sapphire in their bag.

If you are not sure about what is what, the Black Diamond is a power paddle, the Double Black Diamond is a control oriented paddle and the Sapphire is all around paddle. We have covered all of them in detail. Later in 2023 they have also come with a new line called the Double Black Diamond Infinity which is an edgeless pickleball paddle.

In this Article we will be comparing the “Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm” to have a clearer picture of what is the best paddle for you.

We’ll be exploring the differences between these two core sizes in simple terms, helping you understand the benefits of each. So, let’s dive in and review “Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm”.

Technical Specs of  Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm & 16mm

Specification Double Black Diamond 14mm Double Black Diamond 16mm
Type Control/All-court Control/All-court
Shape Hybrid Hybrid
Core thickness 14mm 16mm
Face Toray 700 Raw carbon fiber Toray 700 Raw carbon fiber
Average weight 8.1 oz 8.1 oz
Grip length 5.3” 5.5”
Swing Weight 111 114
Grip size 4.25” 4.25”
Core 8mm Honeycomb polymer 8mm Honeycomb polymer
Total length 16.3” 16.3”
Width 7.5” to 7.7″ 7.5” to 7.7″
Warranty 6 months for defects 6 months for defects

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Features Comparison of Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

Features Double Black Diamond 14mm Double Black Diamond 16mm
Power High High
Control Excellent Excellent
Spin Great Excellent
Sweet Spot Generous Generous
Durability Rock solid Rock solid
Feel Fast and lightweight Great feel
Shape Hybrid Hybrid
Balance Slightly head-heavy Mostly balanced
Pop/Deflection Good pop, easy to control Less pop, more dwell time
Value Great value Great value

Comparing 6 0 Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond series offers a choice between two core thicknesses, 14mm and 16mm. In this in-depth comparison, we explore the nuances of each paddle size, delving into their unique features and advantages.

A Quick Look at Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

First and foremost, both the Double Black Diamond 14mm and 16mm paddles comes in a same price. In terms of specifications, both paddles share common traits. They are categorized as control/all-court paddles with a hybrid shape like the Vatic Prism flash and Ronbus Nova R1, boasting Toray 700 Raw carbon fiber faces, 8mm honeycomb polymer cores, and a length of 16.3 inches. Their widths fall within the range of 7.5 to 7.7 inches, and they offer a comfortable grip size of 4.25 inches. With the weight averaging at 8.1 ounces, these paddles promise maneuverability without compromising on power.

Overall, the 14mm and 16mm play more similar and they both labeled as a control paddles but still they have a lot of power. The 16mm millimeter will be easier choice for most players as it more controlled and easy to handle with a lot of power and more forgiveness while having the same power that most 14mm paddles has in the market. Later we will discuss each paddle in detail and see what will be the best choice for most players.


The power-play between the two paddles is intriguing. While both emphasize control, but the 14mm is more poppy, powerful and fast in hands. The 16mm version, true to its control-focused design, offers an excellent balance of power and control.

This is the case with most of 14mm vs 16mm paddles. The thinner core paddles tend to have more power and more pop as the ball stay less on the paddle surface and the thicker core paddles are more soft and plushy. The 16mm paddles are also heavier than the 14mm paddles.

At the baseline the 14mm feel great while when It comes to hand battles at the net the 16mm perform best. The 6 0 double black diamond 16mm are also very powerful if you compare it with other 16mm paddles available in the market.

Overall, the 14mm is more powerful and swift in hands but I think the 16mm also perform very good if you can generate your own power.


As we discuss in power section the 16mm is more control oriented paddle with more stability and larger sweet spot. But the different is not so big as both of these paddles play quite similar. The 14mm is also very stable even with its thinner core and less weight. The drops, resets and blocks are very easy with both these paddles

If you are a beginner 16mm would be perfect for you but if you are an intermediate player 14mm will be a great choice as you can control more power with great hand speed.

Spin and Sweet Spot

Spin enthusiasts will appreciate the exceptional spin capabilities of both paddles. The 16mm paddle showcases a great balance of power and spin, allowing players to shape shots with ease. Its generous sweet spot is attributed to the unibody thermoforming and sealed edge foam. In the case of the 14mm paddle, the incorporation of thermoforming and edge foam significantly improves stability and sweet spot performance. Both paddles generated great spin and play very similar to each other.

Feel and Balance

Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm vs 16mm

The feel of a paddle can greatly impact gameplay. The 16mm paddle boasts an excellent feel, offering a comfortable handle length and circumference. Its hybrid-elongated shape combines the forgiveness of a standard shape with the added reach of an elongated paddle. In contrast, the 14mm paddle’s lightweight hybrid-shaped design provides enhanced hand speed and a stable sweet spot. The balance of the 16mm model leans slightly towards being head-heavy, while the 14mm version strikes a balance between power and maneuverability.

Durability and Value

Durability is a key concern for any paddle. The Double Black Diamond series stands out for its robust construction. Six Zero’s innovative unibody thermoforming process ensures solid structural integrity. While the paddles have undergone refinements to address initial delamination issues, the newer batches demonstrate improved durability. This increased reliability adds to the value of these paddles, making them a worthy investment.

Final thoughts:

Choosing between the Six Zero Double Black Diamond 14mm and 16mm paddles boils down to personal preferences and playing style. But the 16mm would be choice of most players. The 14mm model surprises with its exceptional power while maintaining control, making it a versatile option. On the other hand, the 16mm paddle offers a balance between power, control, and spin, catering to those seeking an all-around performance.

Both paddles share a commitment to quality, durability, and affordability, making them standout choices in the competitive pickleball paddle market. Whether it’s the finesse of the 16mm or the power-packed performance of the 14mm, Six Zero’s Double Black Diamond series undoubtedly has something to offer every player, adding an extra edge to their game. Avatar

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