Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle Review

Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle Review

Hello pickleball lovers, welcome to another review of the Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle. If you all remember a couple of months ago a paddle came into the scene by the name of Prodrive Drive. The Prodrive Drive was a very different paddle from the other thermoformed paddles in the market.

It was an extended paddle with a Kevlar core sandwich in between two polypropylene cores, that add more power to this 19mm thick paddle, but with the heaviest stock swing weight. The power on the Prodrive drive was really amazing and quite similar to the 14mm paddle.

With this concept, people start thinking about what if they put the Kevlar core into something thinner, that’s what this new Prodrive Ghost pickleball paddle is. The core on the Prodrive ghost is 16mm full of Kevlar which is even more powerful than the Prodrive Drive.

The power on this paddle is a little less than Gearbox Pro Power but quite similar to ProKennex Black Ace, Six Zero Black Diamond Power and CRBN 1X. Also, the paddle is very poppy and the ball stays very less on the paddle face similar to the new Gearbox Pro Power (which is not yet USAPA-approved due to QC issues).

The Prodrive Ghost is a unibody thermoformed with hyper foam edge wall, a combination of Kevlar core and raw carbon fiber surface. Also, the length of this paddle is 16.4inches long and weighs 8.0oz. The shape of this paddle is quite similar to Joola Hyperion. The handle of this paddle is 5.5 inches long.

As noticed this paddle is very loud as loud similar to the legendary Onix Z5 but less loud than the Prokennex Black Ace.

Technical Specification of Prodrive Ghost Paddle

Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle Review

  • Weight: 8.0 ounces
  • Handle Length: 5.5 in
  • Paddle Length: 16.4 in
  • Core Material: kevlar
  • Surface Material: Raw Carbon Fiber
  • Paddle Width: 7.6 in
  • Grip Size: 4 1/8
  • Grip: Perforated Cushion
  • USAPA Approved

Performance Rating of the Prodrive Ghost Paddle

Let’s take the Prodrive Ghost to the court and talk about its performance.

Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle Review

Power and Pop

And yes, the Prodrive Ghost is extremely powerful, so powerful that it made 3rd place in the list of the most powerful pickleball paddles in 2023. Those who already have played with thermoformed pickleball paddles know how powerful they are, with that and a Kevlar core this paddle is on another level as we talked about earlier. Its ability to generate substantial power makes it an attractive choice for players who thrive on aggressive, dominating playstyles.

Pop is a defining characteristic of the Prodrive Ghost. The ball doesn’t linger on the paddle face; instead, it shoots off with remarkable speed. This quality makes it excellent for battles at the net. However, the short dwell time can be a double-edged sword, affecting the paddle’s touch and control, particularly during softer shots like drops and dinks.

The feel of this paddle is very unique, firm and different so different that you cannot compare it to any other thermoformed paddle in the market. The dwell time on this paddle is almost non-existent you can say it is even less than 6 0 black diamond power.


The Kevlar core of the Prodrive Ghost makes a distinctive higher-pitch sound compared to paddles with polypropylene cores. While some players appreciate this sharp and resonant sound, others may find it less appealing. Consider your preference for auditory feedback when choosing a paddle, especially if sound levels are a consideration in your playing environment.

Sweet Spot and Stability

One of the challenges encountered with the Ghost is its performance in the sweet spot and stability department. Hits off the face can feel jarring, impacting the overall feel of the paddle. The swing weight of this paddle is really low but it’s not so low that its unstable because it’s an unibody thermoformed paddle and also has a very firm feel in hand but the ghost is not the most stable.

The sweet spot is really small on the Prodrive ghost and it is basically due to light overall weight low swing weight and very firm feel concentrate the sweet spot in the tiny space in the middle. So it is very inconsistent outside the sweet spot if you don’t make perfect contact with the ball. Some players suggest the addition of lead tape to address these concerns, but it’s important to note that this adjustment comes with trade-offs, potentially affecting the paddle’s overall control.


The Prodrive Ghost isnt a control paddle and is hard to control especially without lead tape. The touch and control of this paddle suffer, making drops, resets, and dinks more difficult to dial in especially if you are not making the contact with ball perfectly on this small sweetspot the ball can go anywhere even if you compared the ghost to other 16 mm thermoformed paddles. So when adding lead tape, it gives an element of plushness and large sweet spot makes it more soft and stable.

Speed & Maneuverability

The best thing about Prodrive Ghost is that it is very swift even it is 0.1 inches shorter than other elongated paddles in the market. The round shape on the top of the paddle makes it more swift if you compare it to an elongated paddle with a square top.


The spin on the Prodrive ghost is the same as its control before adding the lead tape. This is due to the very low dwell time of the ball when hitting the paddle surface. But after adding a half ounce of lead tape it instantly feels like the grab on the ball. But still, the Ghost is not one of the best paddles in a spin category if you compare it to Vatic Pro Flash, CRBN 1X and Bread and Butter Filth and it is still better than the Joola Perseus and Electrum model elite.

Final thoughts Prodrive Ghost Pickleball Paddle Review

The Prodrive Ghost Paddle excels in certain performance aspects while presenting challenges in others. Its raw power, pop, and spin potential make it a force to be reckoned with on the court. However, players seeking a delicate touch, precise control, and a more forgiving sweet spot may find the Ghost to be a bit demanding. Understanding the nuanced performance characteristics is key to harnessing the full potential of this dynamic and powerful paddle. Whether you’re a singles enthusiast or a player who thrives on dominating shots, the Prodrive Ghost offers a unique playing experience that caters to the aggressive and power-focused style of play. Avatar

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