Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

We to Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review. This Vatic Pro paddle has garnered attention due to its collaboration with pro player Spencer Smith. As a fan of Vatic Pro’s pickleball paddles and their brand ethos, I was eager to test this new addition to their lineup.

Having experience with both the Vatic Pro Flash and V7 paddles, I found the Alchemy to be a promising middle ground between the two. In this review, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison with these popular models, which I wholeheartedly recommend to a wide range of player, also these paddles has earn a place in the list of best pickleball paddles for intermediate players.

We also find ourselves in a phase Chris Olson of Pickleball Studio refers to as a “copycat phase” in the pickleball industry. Brands are striving to emulate what works best, leading to the creation of exceptional paddles. Notable contenders in this category include Vatic Pro, Six Zero, Legacy Pro, Ronbus, CRBN, and a select few others. We have reviewd them in detail make sure to check them out. Personally, I’ve always favored Vatic Pro, Ronbus, and Six Zero for their superior quality and competitive pricing.

Technical Specifications Vatic Pro Alchemy Paddle

Paddle Thickness: 16mm & 13.5mm

Weight Range:

  • 16mm: 8.5-8.7oz (8.2-8.4oz without bumper)
  • 5mm: 8.3-8.5oz (8.0-8.3oz without bumper)

Paddle Shape: Elongated

Handle Length: 5.5”

Grip Circumference: 4.25”

Paddle Face: T700 Raw carbon fiber

Paddle Core: Polymer

Swing Weight:

  • 16mm: 121
  • 5mm: 113

Twist Weight:

  • 16mm: 6.38
  • 5mm: 6.04

Spin: 1700 RPM

Warranty: 3 months

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

In this comprehensive review, we take an in-depth look at the Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle. We’ll be examining the 16-millimeter and 13.5-millimeter versions. If you’re eager to discover how these paddles fare on the curt, read on for our detailed analysis.

Paddle Face

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

The paddle face of the Vatic Pro Alchemy pickleball paddle, is constructed using raw carbon fiber, a material renowned for its durability and ability to provide an optimal balance between power and control.

The use of T700 carbon fiber in the face offers a promising blend of stiffness and responsiveness. This results in a paddle that can generate substantial power when needed, making it a versatile choice for players seeking both precision and punch in their gameplay. The Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle face is just the same as the previous vatic pro pickleball paddles just with a “V shaped” hole and have removable edge guard. The purpose of the removable edge guard doesn’t have much effect on the performance or maneuverability of the paddle. Although this alteration leads to a slight reduction in swing weight. It’s just aesthetically pleasing and look more like a top tier Selkirk paddle “power air”.

Paddle Core

The Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle comes in 13.5mm and 16mm. The polymer cores are highly regarded for their ability to absorb and dampen shock, providing players with a comfortable and controlled feel during play. The Vatic Pro Alchemy’s polymer core contributes to its balanced performance, offering players the responsiveness they need for quick exchanges at the net and the power required for effective drives and smashes. Let’s talk about 16mm and 13.5mm in detail.


The first standout feature of the 16mm paddle is its distinct feedback upon impact. It’s a sensation that’s challenging to describe without experiencing it firsthand. This feedback, reminiscent of the Power Air series, is more subdued here, offering a unique playing experience. While some find this feedback jarring, it’s less pronounced compared to its Power Air counterpart.

Additionally, the 16mm paddle carries a slightly higher swing weight, which might be just outside the preference of some players. This swing weight can influence the maneuverability of the paddle, and for some, the 13.5mm variant might be a better fit.

Customizability with Edge Guard

A notable design choice is the removable bumper edge guard. This feature allows players to reduce the static and swing weight, offering a more customizable experience. Removing the bumper drops the swing weight by approximately two points, making it a viable option for those seeking a swifter paddle. This modification might also subtly alter the feel of the paddle, warranting some experimentation to find the ideal configuration.


Moving on to the 13.5mm variant, it presents a different experience altogether. With a lower swing weight, players can expect enhanced maneuverability. The feel and responsiveness of this paddle are notable, providing a satisfying pop off the face. While the 16mm paddle excels in resetting, the 13.5mm variant offers a punchier response, particularly during drives. The feedback is subtle yet present, giving players a nuanced feel for the ball.

After rigorous gameplay sessions, the 13.5mm paddle emerged as the preferred choice. The difference in feel with and without the edge guard was minimal, with a modest shift in swing weight. This subtle adjustment in weight did translate to a slightly faster paddle, enhancing responsiveness.

It’s worth noting that while the 13.5mm paddle provides good power, it may not be the hardest-hitting option on the market. For players who prioritize controlled power, this paddle strikes an excellent balance. It exudes a springy quality akin to the Power Air series, albeit in a more subdued manner.

Dimensions and Weight

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

The dimensions and weight of a pickleball paddle can significantly impact a player’s performance on the court. The Vatic Pro Alchemy comes in two thickness options: 16mm and 13.5mm, allowing players to choose the one that aligns with their playing style and preferences.

The weight range for the 16mm version falls between 8.5-8.7 ounces, or 8.2-8.4 ounces without the bumper. On the other hand, the 13.5mm version offers a weight range of 8.3-8.5 ounces, or 8.0-8.3 ounces without the bumper. This variation in weight allows players to select a paddle that suits their comfort and style, whether they prefer a slightly heavier paddle for more power or a lighter one for greater maneuverability.

Handle and Grip

Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

The handle and grip of a pickleball paddle are vital for ensuring comfort and control during gameplay. The Vatic Pro Alchemy features a handle with a length of 5.5 inches, providing ample room for players to find a secure grip. The grip circumference is measured at 4.25 inches, offering a comfortable hold for players of varying hand sizes.

Choosing a handle length and grip circumference that suits your hand size and playing style can make a significant difference in your on-court performance. It’s crucial to have a paddle that feels like an extension of your arm, allowing you to react swiftly and with precision to the fast-paced nature of pickleball.

Performance Review of the Vatic Pro Alchemy Paddle

In this performance review, we’ll take a closer look at the Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle, examining its control, power, spin potential, aesthetics, and other key factors to provide a comprehensive assessment of its on-court performance.

Control and Feel Review:

The Vatic Pro Alchemy emerges as a formidable contender in terms of control and feel, offering a well-rounded performance across the court. While it may not achieve a perfect 10/10 for control, it certainly surpasses many other paddles in this category. The 16MM variant boasts an ample sweet spot, providing enhanced hand speed owing to its aerodynamic design.

Notably, it delivers a softer touch compared to some of the more power-oriented thermoformed paddles available. This paddle strikes a balance, excelling in control, power, and spin potential. For players seeking a paddle that combines excellent control with respectable hand speed, spin, and power, the Vatic Pro Alchemy is a compelling choice.

Power Review:

The Vatic Pro Alchemy exhibits good power potential, thanks in part to its thermoformed construction. However, it doesn’t deliver an overwhelming pop. This is not necessarily a drawback; as excessive pop isn’t always desirable. For the purpose of this assessment, we evaluate the paddle’s overall power potential relative to other paddles on the market.

The thermoformed build, combined with its weight and elongated shape, imparts a noticeable sense of power. While it may not rival the sheer power of paddles like the Vatic Pro V7 or Legacy Pro, it provides ample power for most players. Furthermore, it offers an excellent blend of power, spin, and control.

Spin Potential Review:

The Alchemy excels in generating spin, same as other other vatic pro models. A trait facilitated by its T700 carbon fiber face. This feature allows players to put topspin and slice on the ball with ease. While there may be a few paddles on the market that generate slightly more spin, the Vatic Pro Alchemy delivers a high spin potential, making it a reliable choice for players who value spin as a key aspect of their game.

Aesthetic and Personal Opinion:

In terms of aesthetics, a minimalist design tends to be my preference, akin to those offered by paddle companies like Vatic Pro, Ronbus, and CRBN. However, the Vatic Pro Alchemy boasts a visually striking design, particularly with its distinctive aerodynamic hole. This feature sets it apart on the court, sparking curiosity from fellow players.

While I’m inclined to rate the paddle highly for aesthetics, my personal preference brings it down slightly. The Vatic Pro Alchemy stands out as a versatile paddle, offering a combination of power, spin, and control while catering to players who prefer heavier, elongated paddles.

Who Should Consider Buying the Vatic Pro Alchemy Paddle:

All-Around Players: The Vatic Pro Alchemy is well-suited for players who value a balanced performance across various aspects of the game. It offers a mix of power, control, and spin potential, making it suitable for those who want versatility in their playstyle.

Fans of Thermoformed Paddles: For players who appreciate the benefits of thermoformed paddles, such as enhanced durability and performance, the Vatic Pro Alchemy is a solid choice. Its construction ensures it can withstand rigorous play.

Those Who Want an Aesthetically Unique Paddle: The distinctive design of the Vatic Pro Alchemy, especially with its aerodynamic hole, makes it visually striking on the court. Players looking for a paddle that stands out in terms of aesthetics may find this appealing.

Who Might Want to Consider Other Options:

Players Seeking Maximum Power: If your gameplay heavily relies on powerful shots with an emphasis on pop, you might find other paddles with more pronounced power to be better suited to your style.

Those on a Tight Budget: While the Vatic Pro Alchemy offers a competitive price point for its features, players on a very strict budget may find other more affordable options that still meet their needs.

Individuals Who Already Own a Thermoformed Paddle: If you already own a thermoformed paddle that meets your requirements, there might not be a compelling reason to switch to the Vatic Pro Alchemy, especially if you’re content with your current paddle’s performance.

Remember, the ideal paddle choice is subjective and depends on individual playing styles and preferences. It’s recommended to demo or try out different paddles whenever possible before making a final decision.

Closing Thoughts on Vatic Pro Alchemy Pickleball Paddle Review

In conclusion, the Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle is a noteworthy addition to the Vatic Pro paddle line. By combining the best elements of the V7 and Flash models, it achieves a good balance between power, control, and spin.

The Vatic Pro Alchemy paddle has a special hole in it, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in how it plays. You can take off the bumper from the hole to make it a bit lighter, but it’s up to you if you want to do that. The 16mm Alchemy is good for controlled power, especially when you’re resetting or hitting softly. But if you like to hit really fast at the net, it might not be the best choice. The 13.5mm Alchemy has more pop and feels livelier, which some players might like.

Both paddles give a unique feel when you hit the ball, kind of like a Power Air but not as strong. It’s a bit hard to say exactly who should get these paddles. If you like trying out different paddles and want something different, these could be for you. But if you’re already happy with your current paddle, you might not need to switch. If you don’t like heavy paddles, especially the 16mm one, these might not be the best fit. And if you prefer paddles with more control, there could be better options for you.

Overall, the Vatic Pro Alchemy paddles are well-made and offer a mix of power and control. They have some unique features, but they might not be a big upgrade if you’re already happy with your paddle.

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